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OOoo – A chair reduced to almost nothing!

oooo chair

The OOoo chair is a novel thought from the designers, NY-based Martina Decker and Peter Yeadon, that reduces the chair to almost nothing. The thought behind the design is to address the energy and waste problems that are propelled by the furniture production and disposal. Even the eco-friendly furniture makes use of some materials that consume a lot of energy to recycle. The designers, in order to save the environment, integrate buildings and the furniture.

Instead of shimmering scrims, the leg holes have been cut into the building’s floor, and the rings used are easily recyclable. However, it is integrated to the building, and you cannot change it to change your décor style or update with the new trend. So, basically they seem to be good for public places, until you agree to give up your aesthetic appeal.

oooo chair1
oooo chair2