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Patio makeover tips and tricks to tackle the winters


The winter season comes with the blend of the coldness and festivity. With the onset of Christmas, winter vacations and family get-togethers, you have to ensure that your house is ready for all of it. While we spend a lot of time ensuring that the Christmas decorations are up, we often miss out small things that can make a big difference.

Having a patio in the front yard or backyard of the house opens the door to a lot of fun. It is a perfect way to enjoy a quiet evening with the family or have a nice outdoor family dinner. Considering how cold it gets during the winter season, let us look at some ways you can make your patio ready for winters. These tips and tricks will allow you to enjoy sitting outdoors even if it cold outside with things that you have in the house.

 Bring out the rugs or carpets

The floors of the patio become very cold during the winters. One of the best ways to tackle this problem Best ways to tackle this problem is by placing thick carpets and rugs on the patio. You can do this in the space will you all be sitting down so that it reduces the cold air from the ground. Another reason why this trip is useful is that it also helps to decorate your patio for the festive season.

Adding thick sheets or quilts to the chairs, launchers or sofa outside

Thick sheets are a great way to reduce the impact of cold season. You can also opt for small sized quilts that can make sitting outside comfortable. Brightly colored sheets or quits will help to make the patio look beautiful, comfortable and warm.

Create an artificial wall with curtains or shades

To reduce the effect of cold air sweeping in, you can cover most of the patio with an artificial wall. You get beautiful looking bamboo shades and dividers in the market. You can use them to act like an artificial wall so that it protects you from the cold breeze. Even the roll up shades that you can tie when not in use is a perfect way to deal with the cold.

Have an electric fireplace or heater only for the outside

If you have a regular fireplace, then it is natural that you would stock up wood for the winters. However, if you plan to do a makeover before the winters, consider installing an electric fireplace if there is a provision to do so. This will give you all the warmth that you need when you want to sit outdoors. For small sized patios, you can consider portable heaters. To get the best effect of the heater, it is advisable to cover the open spaces first.

Fill empty spaces with portable beds and launchers


The more furniture you have outside, the warmer it can get. To reduce the impact of the cold and to create the warm and comfortable feeling, place portable beds. Airbeds are an ideal choice in this front since you can pump the bed when you want to use. Keeping extra mattresses in the house that you can place outside is also another ideal way to tackle the winters.

Hanging lanterns and lights

As much as it is essential to have the right kind of furniture, even the lighting plays a vital role. You can opt for hanging lanterns and lights to bring in the decorative mood as well as create warmth. Lanterns add a nice touch of color and make the ambiance peaceful and relaxing.

Start up the grill or BBQ

Another trick to prepare your patio for the winters would be to have your outdoor grill or BBQ on one side of the patio. This is a perfect idea for a nice outdoor winter evening with the family. The heat from the grill or BBQ will also add the warmth in the air.

Add or replace the cushions and cover with thick sheets

For the winters, you can have special thick cushions that you can place outside on the chairs or sofa. Keeping in mind that the furniture becomes cold during the winters, this will give you the warmth that you need. You can cover the furniture with thick sheets so that the effect of the cold air reduces to a largely.

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