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PAVARA sink tidy-kitchen accessory brings form, function and elegance

PAVARA is a stylish kitchen accessory that reveals its contents with the touch of a button. With a belief in providing better results to end users, PAVARA stands for Providing a Viable Aesthetic Result Anywhere. Designed to combine functionality with elegance, it can easily hold cleaning content including washing liquid, hand wash and sponges to give your kitchen a clean and clutter-free look.

Here are the features of PAVARA, a stylish kitchen accessory.

Match aesthetics of kitchen

Made keeping specifications in mind, the PAVARA is designed to exclusively match aesthetics of a modern and minimalist kitchen. Combined with elegance and functionality with a single touch, all the content like washing liquid, sponges and hand wash can be easily accessed by the end user.


The PAVARA sink tidy stand 285 mm tall with a diameter of 140 mm, weighs only 1.15 kg. Made from polished steel and finished in gloss, the base of the product operates with a unique rotational spring system. It also comes with drainage system for wet sponges.


Made easy to use, PAVARA comes with an adequate space for holding ahand wash, washing liquid and sponge. When in need, press the button on bottom and the lid will reveal the cleaning content and when done, rotate PAVARA to hide the cleaning items to give your kitchen washing area a clutter free look.Acting as holding devises for the contents, they do not actually hide them


Currently in two colors i.e. black and white, one can bring an epitome of class and luxury in kitchen by accessorizing the sink area with this highly compatible and useful sink tidy.


According to Sunita Gill, the designer of PAVARA, it all started two years ago, while designing a kitchen layout. While looking for modern and minimally designed kitchen accessory, Gill came with the idea to design something that not only bring aesthetics but also has the capacity to hides the washing paraphernalia. Working with talented product design team (D2M Innovation), it took her two years and two prototypes to achieve this amazing product for kitchen.

A simple way to keep kitchen clutter free, the PAVARA dynamic design and simple functioning helps you attain a tidy look while maintaining the kitchen appearance.

Source : Utopiamag.Co.Uk