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Play in the magic of spring with these window décor ideas

Christopher Morley once said – “April prepares her green traffic and the world thinks GO.” After the shorter days and chilly winter evenings, spring is about to make its way into our lives and now is the real time to get going and give your interiors a fresh fall splash. To help you at this here is a list that contains some of the most useful and easy autumn inspired window decoration ideas for you to make your place brighter and better.

Get inspired

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The first and the most important step to have an attractive interior décor is to first have a clear understanding of your place and the look that you want to have for your place. There are several sites on the internet and magazines that would help you search various window décor ideas. However, before selecting any style you should be fully aware of your home and the direction of the windows. It is because a large amount of your home’s heat gain and loss is through windows. You can even approach an interior designer for better suggestions.

Open Up


There could be nothing more revitalizing than a dose of fresh fall air that would really cheer up your home and mind. Set back your draperies and blinds and welcome inside the soothing warmth of autumn air and natural sunlight along with the sweet sounds of nature.

Go bright with the windows

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Winter is over and so is the need to wrap your windows in heavy and dark colored curtains. While many people still prefer to choose the same color and fabric for the curtains this is not at all appreciated since these colors will make the place feel even warmer. Using bright and cheerful shades such as tans, greens, yellows and blues will instantly lift the mood and appeal of your windows. Floral patterns, pastel colors and colorful Roman shades are a perfect way to enhance the beauty of your windows and your interiors too.

Select Lighter Fabrics

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Fall is a time for you to let your home bask in the pleasant silver light. Heavy curtains are no way going to help you at that. Therefore, for this special season you definitely need to have a special touch of décor for all the elements inside your house including your windows. You should opt for lightweight fabric such as sheer and net for making spring draperies, especially, if your windows allow you a beautiful view of nature.

Leave them bare

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Undresses windows even sometimes appear extremely aesthetic, elegant and eye catching. For a better, unobstructed, and vibrant view, you can even make use of shutters, light shades and wooden blinds that are available in plenty of types from rustic to contemporary. White plantation shutters and wooden blinds are especially more attractive. Try combining the windows with other accessories such as rugs and throw pillows.

Cover them with attractive textures

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For those who still prefer their windows to be covered, you can try dressing them up with multiple layers of vivid and enchanting colors, patterns and texture. A floor to ceiling type of window will make your walls and the entire room; appear visually larger and aesthetically appealing. If the winter chill is still felt in the air using multiple layers of window curtains is going to be very helpful. This would prevent cool air from entering inside while at the same time allow plenty of natural light to enter inside.

Keep them clean

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Whether you are thinking to drape your windows or leave them bare, you should always remember to keep them clean and dust-free. This would not just enhance their beauty but also will impress your guests.

Fall window decoration can be real fun and attractive if you follow these simple ideas and tips. These ideas will help you to make your windows the brightest focal point of your home.