Rally the ‘magic broom’ would make Merlin chuckle

Cleaning home is an everyday routine people follow to maintain their homes. Sweeping floors, ensuring every corner gets clean is not an easy task if the broom you are using is not ideal. Its make, use of material, shape and weight has a lot to do with how efficiently it cleans your home. Here we have brought for you one of the super efficient brooms that can make your everyday cleaning easy and ideal.

Rally – the magic broom

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Broom that we use to sweep dirt and filth off the floor is a long stick with a bunch of twigs or bristles tied to its front. Depending upon the purpose, the material and texture of the broom bristles varies. The traditional broom comes in a single design and is not capable of cleaning every corner of a home, as its shape does not allow it to slide into narrow corners.

For that, a broom is required that has multiple designs and that seamlessly clean corners and edges in your home. Industrial designer Omkar More from India understood the need and tried his best to solve the problem. Consequently, he came up with “Rally”, a magic broom he calls it. A modern day broom that is equipped with much more cleaning power and ability in comparison to its traditional counterpart.

Serves many purposes

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Rally is a broom that serves several purposes and all with perfection. Be it cleaning a flat surface, roof, or a tiny narrow corner of a wall, it does all with ease. The added mechanism is what makes this broom so flexible and versatile. With a simple click of a button, you can have its bristles concentrated or make them spread as per your requirement. The Rally comes with bristles made of plastic, which you can replace with twig bristles as well.

The mechanism

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A lever makes Rally change its shape so that it serves the purpose right. Located towards the bottom, you are supposed to move the lever up and down that provide the bristles three different positions – concentrated, wide open and regular. You can switch it to a regular mode when you want to clean roof or a carpet. Turn it into a concentrated mode so that it cleans tough narrow corners for you. While sweeping a flat floor, spread the bristles for a better and effective cleaning.

You cannot clean your entire home with a conventional broom that has a simple and single design. For an efficient cleaning of every corner of your home, you require an efficient broom such as Rally, which is adept at cleaning every corner with ease.

Source : Behance.Net

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