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Rambler Socket recoils to fit neatly in the wall

rambler socket

Does the mess of wires laying around make your room complete chaos? The Rambler Socket is a solution that is certain to relieve you from the day to day muddle and is also a solution for appliances which comes with the short cords. The appliances used for vacuuming, ironing, and hair drying are some of them which come with the cord not long enough. The Rambler Socket unfurls around 1.5 meters of cord from a cavity behind its socket.

The cord can easily pull out when required and coil back when not in use. Just very simple to use, the socket is released by pressing the buttons on the sides which separates the holder tongues from the main body. Easy to recoil, just with a little tug, the socket fits back neatly into the wall. So, no more messed up wires lying around, as the Rambler Socket offers a neat solution for your living space.

Via: Red-Dot