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Recycled books reborn into beautiful pots

gardenkulter recycled pots
So, what do you do with your old and disused books? Do you sell them or simply throw them away? Well, there is something more you can do with them. You can make planters out of them. Yes, that’s exactly what Italy-based Gartenkulter has done. He gives a new form to the old books transforming them into planters. A hole through the pages, once sealed, it becomes the ideal space to accommodate a plant growing. You will defintely feel good when these bounded pages of paper inked in black and white print will embellish our décor.

gardenkulter recycled pots1
gardenkulter recycled pots2
gardenkulter recycled pots3
gardenkulter recycled pots4
gardenkulter recycled pots5

Via: Inhabitat/ Designerblog