Replace your boring regular electric outlets with pop out or USB charging electric outlets

Keeping up with the latest trends in the market can give you a good idea of what kind of changes you can make. There are so many new home accessories and products hitting the market. There is a new design and concept for everything you can use in your house in the market today. The latest buzz that is making its rounds is the latest designs in electric outlets. The first is the pop up outlet and the second is the one with built in USB charging. Let us look at the two options and the benefits of using them.

The Pop up electric outlets for your home

Every home has multiple devices that need access to electricity at every point of use. Using a multi-pin socket or electric board does help you a lot; but the bulkiness may get the downfall. To take care of this concern, a cleaver wall plug makes a perfect replacement. These pop up plug points give you two extra outlets when you pop the socket out.

The design and benefits of the pop-up electronic outlet

We all know the hazards pertaining to electric sockets, you do have protectors to help you with this concern; but now there are two more options for you. The pop-up electric outlet is an ideal choice when you want to puppy-roof or baby proof your house. When you have kids in the house, you have to be careful about the smallest details. The two designs that come under this particular type of outlets are mentioned below.

  • PASS & SEYMOUR ARPTR151GM2 Adorne 1 Gang Magnesium Pop Out Outlet

The pop-up electric outlet has a very nice and simple design. It fits easily into the wall just like a regular socket. One design in the market comes with a sealed outer cover and the plugs are placed inside. This is a cubed shaped design. When you pop it open, you can gain access to the plug points. This is a good choice when you want to kid proof or puppy-proof your home.

  • theOUTlet pop up outlet

The second design of pop up electric socket there is a small twist. It looks like an ordinary socket from the outside; when it pops out, it forms a triangular shaped plug point with two extra plugs. theOUTlet (name of this particular pop up electric product) is presently a campaign that is featured in Kickstarter as well. The company is also planning to come out with a USB port version of the electric outlet.

Wall outlets and USB charging ports electric outlets

Considering that today many electronic devices come with the USB charging feature; investing in an electric outlet that comes along with a special charging port makes sense.  Replace your old electric socket with this one; if you want to save yourself the trouble of buying special USB power adapters.  One company that gives you a variety of options is the Topgreener USB charging outlet. Even in this, there are two version and prices. Let us look at the two and the differences between them.

  • Topgreener TU21548A Smart Dual USB Charger Outlet

Priced at $23 (actual cost – $37.99), this product is available at Amazon. It comes with two regular USB ports also with two plug points.  It is compatible with phones like Apple and Samsung. If you want to know if it is compatible with your mobile phone, you can type your model number on the link provided in the product description and then decide.

  • Topgreener TU21548AC Ultra High Speed Smart USB Wall Charger

In this electric outlet, you also get a pair of USB charging sockets. The difference in this is that you can use the USB- A and USB- C cords. It is available in both Wal-Mart and Amazon with the price ranging from $30 – $24 respectively. This is ideal for those mobile phones that require a 3 AMP / 5 volt charging requirement. You can charge Apple mobile phones like iPhone X, 8 or 8 plus etc. In Amazon, you can get to know if this charging outlet is compatible with your phone by clicking on the provided link and entering your mobile model number.

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