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Creative tricks and tips to use the space under the stairs

Staircases add a nice touch to any house. They bring in a soft and beautiful feeling to any décor and act as a beautiful backdrop.  Very often, we use the space under the staircase as an office space or a place where you can store your everyday items. Well, instead of doing that, you can convert this space into something more beautiful and add in the extra glam factor. Here are some creative ideas and tips on the different ways to use this space.

Differently sized drawers for shoes, coats and jackets

You can use the space under the stairs for your shoes, coats and jackets instead of having a small cabinet or cupboard. You can convert the shorter end of the staircase into a shoe zone by having small sized drawers so that you can put in each pair into one drawer or even consider having a big one with a rotating rack inside. You can use the taller side of the space to hang your coats, jackets, sports equipments etc.

Convert it into a small room

If this place has sufficient room along with a window, you can convert it into an extra guest room. You can also use it as a place where you can sit down and spend time looking out the window when you want to unwind for the day.

A portable bar cart / a bar


Do you love your alcohol collection and want to place it somewhere safe? Well, instead of making a separate space for your collection, consider the space under your stairs. You can make a portable bar cart with cabinets to store your liquor glasses and accessories on one side with a bottle rack on the other. Just pull it out whenever you want and place it back when not in use.  Another idea for your bar collection is to have your very own bar right under your staircase.


The aquarium zone

Why waste the space under the stairs when you can beautify it with some life. Consider having a nice large side aquarium of your own. This will make the place come to live and add some extra special touch to your decor. Just remember to put in a small metal frame to protect the glass from breaking.

The playroom for kids

When kids are around, the whole house becomes a play zone. Now you can put an end to this by converting the space under the stairs into a play zone area. It will also be useful if you want to restrict the use of the TV and make your child do something more useful. The toys, the gaming consoles, a small music system can be the extra additions to the play zone area.

Hang your bicycles and adventure gear

If you do not have the benefit of a garage, you can use the space under the stairs to hand your bicycles. You can also have your adventure gear stacked up in one end. Adventure sports lovers will surely find this option useful considering the different types of gear they may have.

Make a special room for your pet

Pets are fun to have and making them feel comfortable is every pet owner/parent’s responsibility. Now give your pet its privacy by making a special room for it. You can decorate it with all the elements that blend in perfectly with the kind of pet you have in the house. For the extra privacy, you can create a door with a small window for them to move in and out whenever they want.

Make it a pantry

When there is a house, there are extra food supplies; and when there are supplies, you need space. Now convert the space under the stairs and make your very own pantry. This will save you the trouble of getting one done in the kitchen. You can consider having two big cabinets, or you can just have a single nice one.

You laundry room

Today having a washing machine is very common in every house. Instead of having a separate room to do the laundry, you can convert the space under the stairs as a laundry room. Put in a few shelves or a rack to store your supplies and you are all set. You can also create laundry vents so that the dirty clothes can land directly near or inside this area.

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