Rohit Sharma’s Ball Lamp is a tribute to modernism

Ball Lamp

Back in the ‘60s, the trend of making everyday household objects more interesting by crafting them in odd shapes was born. We had seating that looked like sugar cubes and empty egg shells, we had tables that appeared to be floating in thin air, and then we had bursts of exciting colors that were almost unheard of before in western décor. The Ball Lamp from designer Rohit Sharma almost seems to be following in the footsteps of the classic designers of the era and his creation is just as funky as everything else from the flower power decades.

The lamp uses the mystique of the sphere, which is one of the most fascinating shapes to occur in nature, to create an aura of simplicity and viciousness within a single product which looks to redefine everything we know and expect from a regular table or reading lamp. The Ball Lamp thus seeks to give users the most dynamic and entertaining lighting experience which is almost unparalleled in the interior furnishings world. The most fascinating aspect of the lamp, however, remains the fact the lamp is created to stay upright even when the sphere is tilted in any direction which links the lamp to popular children’s inflatable toys that stayed upright even when they were pushed.

Allowing the lamp to tilt and stay at any angle is the iron powder in the base of the lower sphere which affords a lowered and dynamic center of gravity to the lower sphere that also houses the wire coil. The upper sphere houses the lighting unit of the lamp while the connecting hollow piece contains the wiring for the lamp. With altogether different functions, the two entities appear to be connected physically with the upper sphere providing a sense of being suspended with an invisible cord when the lamp is tiled.

The lowered center of gravity allows the lamp to stay upright even when the upper sphere is tilted to any degree of inclination, thus allowing the users to customize the lamp’s height to their own preferences. Primarily created for use as a study lamp, the Ball Lamp also serves as a dynamic and interaction-friendly table lamp and with a taller connecting stem, it can also be customized to stand as a floor lamp that is perfect for corners and highlighting smaller sculptures on the floor. The Ball Lamp is offered in a range of vivacious and vibrant colors.

Via: Coroflot

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