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Rules to live by when styling indoor plants

Addingpositive energy in the environment, purifying air, and beautifying our home décor is what indoor plants do for us. They do all this without our doing much; they do not demand a lot of care and maintenance.

General care and maintenance is all they need, but some of us fail to provide even this much to our lovely houseplants. Here are some tips and ideas that we are sure will prove helpful in your care of the indoor plants, giving them an opportunity to blossom properly.

Positioning matters the most

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Just as the place where you live affects your health, the position of an indoor plant affects its health. While placing a pot consider two things, ventilation and natural light. The location must have good ventilation and it must receive a good deal of natural light. However, you should make sure the plant does not receive too much of direct sunlight, as it puts a plant under stress and affects its natural and even growth.


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Incorrect watering is the most common and the deadliest reason responsible for the deaths of indoor plants. Every time you see a plant drooping, you feel it is thirsty and you water it. However, the plant is not always thirsty and your overwatering kills it. You need to learn the tactic and patience. You should give a valid gap between watering of plants, and seek help of professional gardeners to learn the correct watering procedure.


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Your indoor plants keep giving warning signs that they are dying of thirst but to no avail, and they die. If you amp up your home décor with houseplants, take them as your responsibility. Be passionate about them and you will never forget watering them.

Improper or no drainage

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Some people think that making holes in a flowerpot is enough for the drainage. Well, this myth counts as another mistake that leads to the death of houseplants. Holes in the pot are necessary but the pot must also contain rocks or some drainage material at its bottom. They make way for water to pass and finally come out of the pot, or else it remains in and rots the plant roots.

Large plants demand greater attention and care

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Knowing that large plants have the potential to make an interior decoration interesting, you also bring some home. Without knowing that they require a big space to grow and demand regular maintenance, you get them home and you kill them pretty soon. Please don’t do this. Ensure you find about the maintenance plans of a plant beforehand, and get them home only if you have a big apartment. Do not put them in undersized pots and pay special attention to their water requirements.

Forgetting to feed your plants

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People tend to forget that besides air, sunlight and water, houseplants require food as well. If you want to see your houseplants growing into healthy plants, you must provide them with their food. If you think feeding plants on a regular basis is a pain, you can opt time-release fertilizers, such as “Osmocote Indoor and Outdoor Plant Food”. These foods last for three to four months.

Keep them clean

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Last but not the least; make sure you keep indoor plants clean. Usually, people leave the leaves of indoor plants dirty that interferes with the photosynthesis process. The leaf surface contains tiny pores that open and closes during the process, but the dust particles on them clog them. Ensure you wipe leaves with a damp cloth at least once a month to keep plants clean.

Indoor plants do not demand too much of care, and if one pays the required attention and care to them, they grow into healthy plants and adorn interior décor of a home.