Say goodbye to messy drawers with these time saving tips

If you are plagued by messy drawers and have to dig through piles of clothes to find something to wear, then your dresser needs organizing. Maybe your dresser is overstuffed or is a mess because things aren’t where they should be. Most of us clean and organize our clothes in sporadic intervals when we have the energy and enthusiasm to do so. But according to experts, a neat and tidy living space is great for your mental health. And of course, an organized dresser saves you a lot of time when selecting your outfit. Here are a few tips how you can have well-organized drawers:

Empty dressers before tidying

You won’t be able to do a good job if your clothes are still inside the dresser when you are cleaning it. It will be simpler to tidy up the dresser, especially if you know which clothes you don’t want to wear anymore. You should only put back the clothes that you want.


Dresser drawers are just stuffed with tons of things you don’t ever use, and some of which you probably don’t even remember buying. Tank tops, skirts, dresses, socks, T-shirts which you have been hanging on to, in the hope of wearing them some day when the trend comes back, or they’re either too loose or too tight for you – it’s time to donate them so that others might use them. This will generate a lot of empty space in your drawer.

Don’t fold your bulky clothes

Bulky clothes like sweatshirts and jeans take up a lot of space. Try and hang them in a closet and your heavy tops can be folded in hanging bags. Dressers should be filled with thin clothes which can be easily folded and rolled. Bulkier items which you’ll need only in winter can be stored under the bed too.

Categorize everything

Dedicate different items of clothes to different drawers, store formals and casuals separately,. Keep workout gear, pajamas, and undergarments in one drawer. Create as many categories as you can, for example, short dresses, long dresses, sleeveless T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts and so on. Divide socks according to color – brown, black, white, patterned etc. Being specific is of help in finding the clothes. Clothes tend to slide into different sections, so try using dividers, shoeboxes, plastic bins to keep them in their place.

Keep the dresser top neat

The top of your dresser should also be neat, so that your room looks tidy and clean. You can use the top to keep your accessories and jewelry. If there is some space left, then you might decorate it with some unique decorative baubles to make your room look even better.

Use extra drawer space to store other supplies

An empty drawer can be very handy to store things like gift wrap, office supplies, linens, dish cloths and anything in your home which does not have a separate storage space.

Mark your drawers

You can make it easier for you to remember which drawer has what – mark with colored stickers, paints or stencils, to color code your belongings.

Change the contents seasonally

You should store summer clothes in a suitcase or under the bed or basement, and vice versa, as your drawers should only contain the clothes you are wearing currently. If you don’t have extra storage space, just shift out of season clothes in the bottom drawers and leave them there till you need them.

Fold correctly

There is a proper way to fold, and getting the folding right can transform your drawers. Mostly, we tend to pile things one on top of the other, and usually the pile topples over if you pull something out. And sometimes, things get so pushed behind that you don’t even see them and so don’t wear them. Instead, you could file fold your clothes to help you get the best use of the space. Fold tightly or roll things up as required to help your clothes stay in neat piles inside your drawer.

Messy drawers are one of the things which waste a lot of your time. Even though it could be a chaos which you know well, it would save you a lot of time if all your clothes are neatly arranged in piles. Give cleanliness the highest priority.

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