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Sense –Intelligent connectivity for your modern and smart home

If you are looking for anintelligent and secure camera and hub to makeyour home connected in the real sense, then you should keep an eye on Sense.Designed by Silk Labs,this highly responsive and leaning-oriented smart hub can be highly beneficial and effective to be used in your home. Find out more about this innovative and customizable device.

Design and connectivity

The Sense camera and hub can be easily connected to your smartphone via the Sense app. The device can be set up securely with a single tap in order to make your home more intelligent.It is designed aesthetically to have a gentle slope that appears quite organic.The hub has a wide-angle 1080P HD camera for effective home monitoring.

It additionally has IR LEDs for night vision, as well as a status light, micro USB for power, speaker, and microphone. With dimensions of 1.85×5.15×2.12 inches, the product runs on a hexa-core ARM processor. It has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB flash storage.The device also houses an accelerometer. It offers connectivity via Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi.


This powerful camera can provide 130-degree field of view.Its facial recognition ability works superbly when it comes to differentiating between two people.Sense runs the developer-friendly Silk software that is capable of deep learning through local processing. Thus, it ensures an accurate detection of your presence inside your home, as well as the recognition of your gestures and responding according to your preferences.

Further, the device gives you end-to-end encryption of high level. Unlike hubs that use secure cloud, Sense allows the exchange of secret keys between your phone and the hub.

Functionality and usefulness

Sense can be your connected home’s true partner. It makes your home more responsive and sends you live and recorded videos of thehome monitoring done while you were away. It ensures safety of your home, as well as your family members. You can know who enters your home at what time and learn about their activities.

Thus, it gives you peace of mind by sending meaningfulalerts andnotifications on phone. It also connects to all smart devices in your home. Therefore, you can control music, lighting, temperature, and much more in your home remotely. Sense can be trained every easily and made more effective with time.

Sense is an intelligent and beautiful camera and hub that keeps you connected with your home at all times. You may not only rely on it for home monitoring, but also for operating your smart devices at home. It offers high performance and security.

Source : KickStarter.Com