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Series of lamps that will bring Wonders to your décor


Imagination has no end, and so does the creativity that grows from the imagination. Just have a look at the “Wonderlamp”, and you’ll definitely believe that possibilities are endless. The series of lamps from Studio Job in collaboration with the designer Pieke Bergmans are sure to bring wonders to your apartments. The lamps are made from bronze object and the blown glass lamps takes different shape to complement the shape of these lamps.

I simply love the design that looks like a cooking pot with light boiling out of it. The other design comprises a Wonderlamp or I should say Genie lamp with the bulb as Genie coming out to make your wish come true. Also there are pair of cans where the glass seems to flow from one to the other, Hanging lamp, Tube light, and also a Torchlamp are the other highlights. The one that is worth appreciating is the Smoking pipe with the light emerging like a plume of smoke.


Via: Dezeen