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Share/Trash Can: Share your trash!

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Taking the trashcan designing to a new level, designer Burak Kaynak came up with a trash can that actually promises to leave you dazed. Dubbed “Share//Trash Can”, it’s a nice looking bin that’s based on the trend these days. All you net savvy people out there surely know the importance of the “Share” button. Yups, it’s the key that leads to promotion of the content. If you look at it carefully, sharing the content on social networking sites is as simple as stepping on a foot pedal to open the lid and toss your trash. Isn’t it? Share/Trash Can is a smart step-on can that with the help of inbuilt LED live counter counts the amount of steps on the foot pedal. Endowed with the step-to-open lid, it keeps your garbage out of the sight and provides hands-free dispensing. So guys, go on share your trash!

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