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Carved Hand-Foot Chair

hand foot chair

By Pedro Friedeberg, this carved and painted ‘Hand-Foot chair’ is a representative of 1966. Of course, quite old in comparison to you, but looks as good and stylish as you are. First of all, it a different design for a chair and second of all, it is carved out to perfection. Measuring 35 inches high, it was estimated to be $8,000-$10,000, but price was realized at $13,750, which includes buyer’s premium. If you use it as an outdoor furniture, then it would be a perfect sculptural addition to your garden and if you use it as an indoor piece, then too it will add style to your living room. And, of course, you call it a sculpture or a chair, its all up to your aesthetic perception.

Via: Chairblog / Christies

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