Simple Tips to Declutter Your Home

A cluttered living space can affect your lifestyle adversely in more than one way. It creates confusion and disharmony in your life. You are unable to find things when you need them. Buying useless things and storing them around the house is a common bad habit. Often we forget to evaluate our needs and do not think about the long-term utility of products while buying them. As a result, knick-knacks clutter our life and make it congested. By decluttering, you can make your life simpler and reduce unnecessary expenses. In the following, we have discussed some of the best strategies for getting rid of clutter.

particular place for papers

A particular place for papers:

Everyday so many papers come inside your home and they lay all over the living place. Newspapers, bills, leaflets, flyers, notices, user manuals, booklets and magazines there is no end to the variety of paper that gather up inside your house. Designating a particular place for all the papers can keep your home cleaner and make it easier to find documents and receipts when needed. Keep a paper basket in your room or mark a drawer as a paper holder. Always keep the papers inside this drawer.

Create more storage options:

Unlike the old mansion, such houses where people used to have an attic and basement room for storing things, we are left with minimum living space. Despite of the scarcity of space, you will have to try to store things neatly by creating some flexible storage area. You can use baskets for clothes, bins for the toys of children and label big boxes for storing old and new knick-knacks separately. Create a loft inside the living room for keeping heavy items inside it.

 vertical storeage space at home

Go vertical:

The ground space of a home is never enough for mortal requirements. Cluttering or storing things on ground has both pros and cons. The pro is easy accessibility and the con is less usable ground space. To solve this problem you must build some shelves on the walls. Use the vertical space for storage. Keep the unnecessary things or items that you use seldom on the top shelves.

Learn to let go:

The clothes of your youngest kid and his toys are a part of sweet memories but still useless if you do not give them away. Think of the underprivileged people who can use the old jumble, clothes and other stuffs cluttering your home.

 Identify the unnecessary items

Identify the unnecessary items:

Often our wardrobes, cupboards and storage areas consist of unnecessary things that we have not identified. For example, the red shirt you have never worn because it is too loud and garish or the toaster which you never repaired. Such items must be recognized, listed and removed from your house.

One place at a time:

Declutter one part of your home at a time. Choose an area that needs to be declutered and clear away every unnecessary thing from that place. Make sure that only the essentials remain there.

 The 12-12-12 challenge

The 12-12-12 challenge:

The 12-12-12 challenge is an easy method of cleaning your home and getting rid of the unnecessary clutter. You will have to challenge yourself to find 12 things to give away, 12 things to put inside the garbage bin and 12 things to keep in their proper place. Ask your kids to help.

Daily routine:

Decluttering should be a part of your daily routine. Keep aside 15 minutes for putting five things back on their appropriate places so that the rooms look cleaner and more organized.


Cleaning the clutter around your home is easy, if you use the right strategies. Make storage spaces around the home and clean everyday.

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