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Simple tips to making your ceiling look loftier and elegant

A high ceiling will make your room appear to be bigger and spacious. The more space the room appears to have the better is the aesthetic appeal.Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team suggests some tips for you to make your ceiling look higher.

Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes

Painting the room with vertical stripes makes the ceiling look higher. We all understand that this is an optical illusion. The effect is even more if the room is smaller. If you have a small bathroom in your house, painting it with vertical stripes will give it a tall appearance. Another trick is to make use of wallpaper with vertical stripes in the room.

Peeling the wallpaper off whenever you got bored of it was never a problem. You can even change the color of the stripes in the next season. Black and white is an obvious color that strikes the mind, you can experiment with colors like white and pink or blue, even orange and red for a more vibrant effect.

Using glass or mirrors

glass wal

Large mirrors that occupy big portion of a wall will make the ceiling look higher. You can also make use of transparent glass to give the room a spacious look. Using a glass wall from the floor to the ceiling will do the trick. Huge glass windows and glass on sliding doors will allow a lot of light to enter the room and give it a spacious feel. Glass when used to partition a room it allows maximum light to pass through it and the space appears to be large.

Make use of lights

recessed lights in the ceiling 1

Using recessed lights in the ceiling is a good choice, they would illuminate the ambience well and at the same time make the ceiling look higher. By using wall sconces, the aesthetics of the room along with the lighting will improve. Keep in mind that making use of chandeliers will make the ceiling look close.

The concept of chandeliers was originally developed for high ceilings. A poorly lit room gives the impression of a small and a suffocated space. Installing floor lamps is a good choice to illuminate the space and project light towards the ceiling, which will make them appear higher.

Painting the ceiling with light colors

Painting the ceiling with light colors

White is the best color for the ceiling as it is the lightest color and goes with any kind of décor. By the application of white color on the ceiling, it will automatically look higher. White color will allow more light to reflect from it giving the appearance of a spacious area.

As a preference, you can either use matte or gloss finish in white. If you think that white is too sober, using a light color from the pastel shades will be a better alternative. Keep in mind to use a color, which is lighter than the color on the walls of the room. If the color on the ceiling is dark, it will appear to be closer.


appropriate Furniture

Trick your friends, giving the ceiling a higher look by using appropriate furniture. Keep the height of the furniture low to produce the dramatic effect. Low height furniture will look cool in the room plus nobody will be able to guess the real purpose of placing it. If there were a window in the room over viewing a great view that would be just excellent for the entire set up.

A low height daybed in the room can be used as sitting and for relaxing in the day. The concept of low height furniture would be strikingly different for your visitors and will also make the ceiling look higher.

Appearance of a higher ceiling can give a loftier and elegant look to your dwelling. You don’t need to go the extra mile, just follow these simple ideas to get that killer look.

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