Smart Apps You Can Use To Automate Your Household Chores

The drudgery of household chores can be lessened with smart home apps. You can connect all your devices to a single app which will automate most of your chores. It takes aload off your mind and makes running your home easy and smooth.Check out these cool apps which will elevate your household chores to an art:

Belkin WeMo


The Belkin WeMo app lets you control all WeMo devices. You can do this from wherever you are, using your iPhone or iPad. The company boasts that you can be home even when you’re not. You can switch on and turn off lights and fans, heaters, air purifiers and humidifiers and NetCam cameras. Switch your Crock Pot / Slow Cooker on your way home so dinner will be ready when you reach. 

HomeKit app


Apple’s HomeKit makes it easier for smart accessories to communicate and for you to access all your smart devices with this app. The HomeKit is basically Apple’s framework for home automation. It can connect and manage your lights, thermostat, speakers, detectors, plugs, blinds, locks, sensors from different manufacturers. It acts as a common interface for all your smart devices and you can control it using Siri voice commands.

A “good morning” command will start your smart accessories to turn on, for example, your blinds will open, your coffee machine will start working and so on. With this app, you don’t have to give separate commands to your smart devices, one command can work for all. All your data is encrypted so third parties cannot have access to your info.



Smfx or SmartFx is a bluetoothenabled, multi-color, energy efficient light bulb that you can control from your smartphone. You can control up to 25 light bulbs at a time. And imagine the number of colors your light can change into – 16 million.

The music function syncs with the light so that you can have mood lighting for different music or occasions, like a party mode or game time super charged atmosphere. It’s a smart home lighting system that will completely change the way your lights used to be.



The LOXONE app works with Android and iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can personalize your app to suit your taste. The Room mode controls all the smart devices in a room such your curtains or blinds (even awning), set the temperature of your room and control the light scene. Music servers, fire alarm system, alarm clock, garage doors all can be managed with one app.

You can charge your electric car too by integrating the KEBA KeContact P20 Wallbox into your Loxone Smart Home. You can get the latest weather forecast for your location and the Miniserver has extended timer functions which you can set for various smart devices. 

ADT Pulse


With the ADT Pulse, you can control your home or business even when you’re on the go. You can use it through your Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad,Blackberry, Droid or other web-enabled mobile device. This app sends you real time videos of your home. You can arm or disarm your alarm system, receive text and video alerts and you can stay signed in with a 4-digit pin code. You can monitor doors, windows and motion sensors and adjust lightsand temperature for comfort or energy efficiency.

 Savant TrueControl


Savant was the first home automation company to launch an app for iOS. You can control your smart home lighting,schedule your thermostat, monitor your energy consumption output and make changes to save money, stream audio and video live to any room in the house. You can view your interior and exterior security cameras. It manages many more subsystems within your home. 

Ninja Blocks


This app seamlessly connects to different smart home products of different brands includingWiFi lightbulbs, connected power sockets, Sonos media centers, plant monitors and more.

It can detect and notify you about things in the house you may have overlooked. It has an open

open architecture and accessible SDK making it possible to support new smart devices.

Smart home apps like these are taking home tech to the next level, using something which everyone has these days – the smartphone. So why not take advantage of some advanced technology to help you with the dreaded household chores and make life easier.

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