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Smart fridge to do grocery shopping for you in the future

The team of product designers working with Samsung is really putting in all the effort that is needed to come up with technically advanced products that offer a lot of features that make it easier for the user to perform his/her day to day chores. Using the help of the Internet of things and various other technologies the latest consumer good in the bucket is a smart fridge that will let you do your grocery shopping sitting at home.

Introducing The Smart fridge from Samsung – The Family Hub

The family hub is a uniquely designed Bridge that gives you remote access to everything that is inside it. Apart from that, it also allows you to order food just by the touch of a button, no matter where you are. This new and unique design, which was recently unveiled in Los Vegas at the CES, grabbed the attention of everybody present in that show. Let us look at some more useful information about this uniquely designed Fridge.

A word of note from Betty Devita- The CCO of MasterCard

MasterCard’s Chief Commercial Officer, Betty Devita herself has been testing the Family Hub fridge at her home. She further went on to say, that through this fridge she realized how technology is making it possible for people to stay connected even if they are at home.

The design and features of Family Hub

This fridge comes with HD LCD resolution screen that is sized at 2.5”, which is located on the right hand side of the exterior door. Through you smartphone you can use this screen for various kinds of things like leaving notes, sharing the creativity of your children, pinning photos summer accessing the calendar and even posting. Apart from that, there are 3 internally located cameras located which are connected to the screen. They help you in looking inside what is stored inside your fridge without even opening it. What makes this feature even better is that every time anybody opens the fridge and closes it, a snapshot is taken. These images can easily be accessed through your smartphone.

The feature that makes grocery shopping a cakewalk

This feature is also beneficial so that when you go grocery shopping, you know what you need to get just by having a look inside your fridge even if you are not at home. This helps to prevent multiple trips to the grocery store in case you forgot to get something that was needed. In one of the statements released by the company, they further added that this new fridge would come along with a smart home app that is specially designed for the family hub, which would give you access to all the necessary information that you need just by clicking a button.

Apart from that, it also allows a person to do the grocery shopping online through the refrigerator. Presently the Tech Giant has collaborated with MasterCard to allow the payments made for online purchases. Using this fridge the user can also share his or her shopping list, compile them whenever they want, and even manage the various recipes that they like.

The built in speaker is not just designed to make grocery shopping easy, it also lets you entertain yourself while you are working in the kitchen. This is because it allows you to play music. As connectivity option, you have the Bluetooth feature built-in using which you can connect your smartphone or any other Bluetooth enabled device to your fridge and listen to your favorite songs while you are working in the kitchen.

Love watching movies, well Family Hub lets you do that

For those who love to watch something while working in the kitchen, your Family Hub fridge is all you need. You can finally say good bye to the idea of installing a new TV in your kitchen and cut down your cable TV expense since this fridge gives you access to the Samsung Smart TV through which you can also access YouTube.

Never worry about the temperature of your fridge

This fridge also comes with built in sensors that checks the temperature and humidity of the fridge. In case of any problem, you will receive a notification well in advance so that you can take care of the problem before the situation becomes worse. Without a doubt, this fridge is truly a smart one in so many ways, and it is really built and designed keeping in mind the needs of consumers of today who have barely enough time to perform their household chores.

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