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Smart Lighting and Music Systems for tech-conscious homeowners

As the world advances to another level, the demand for new products and services is also increasing. Over the years, we have seen drastic technological advancements where in the quality of a person’s life has become better. Here are a few ideas for home automation that can help you convert your home into a smart one.If you are looking for ways to go ahead and add some smart lighting to your house, here are a few ideas that you can consider implementing in your smart home:

Smart Lighting Ideas

  1. Instead of just opting for a single light, you can go with the smart lighting concept, which will give you the freedom to turn on and switch off the lights in one go. With the same button, you can also control various other devices easily without having to worry about anything. This includes your devices, electronics and lighting.
  2. Another good idea would be to opt for a light that turns on automatically if there is someone at the door. This also includes adding a smart light in the garage. Some lights are equipped with motion sensors which automatically turn on and off the light. If there is no one in the room, the lights go off automatically.
  3. For your landscape or front porch, you can have the lights that turn on and off automatically during sunrise and sunset. For the late nights, you can reduce the brightness of the lights on the front porch or backyard and even switch off the ones that are not needed.
  4. Those who love to read before they sleep can opt for the Bedtime mode on their smart device which sets the lamps near your bedside automatically to switch on with the right amount of light – just for reading purpose.
  5. You also have special night lights that can be placed in the kitchen with a special night mode. These lights turn on automatically if you go into the kitchen for a late night snack. The brightness will not disturb the rest of the family members.
  6. Lights for your passage or stairs can be turned on during the nights through the home automation system. These lights will not be very bright but you can still see where you are going in the middle of the night.
  7. For those gloomy rainy days where it goes dark during the day time, you can install special lighting that will turn on automatically on the basis of the natural light during the day. These lights will ensure that not much energy is consumed.

Ideas for music lovers

If you are a music lover or just love to listen to music at any point of time, then here are a few ideas in the form of home automation products that will be perfect for you.

  1. You can add a home music system equipped with a dedicated keypad that can be placed in every room. This allows you to stream the music that you like, and you can turn it on whenever you want.
  2. Another idea is having speakers placed in each room which are connected to a single home automation system. This allows you to listen to your favorite music and connect to the system through the app that is downloaded on your smartphone.
  3. Some systems are enabled with the voice activation mode which can turn on or switch off the music whenever you want. You also have some that allow you to turn the system on just by a simple tap. You also have a few systems that come with the automatic on and off setting. You can set the time when you would like the system to turn on the music and also set when you want the music to shut off.
  4. Another interesting system is the one that lets you customize the modes for every individual in the house. This gives everybody a chance to listen to their favorite music at a dedicated time.