Smart office desk that takes care of your wellbeing while you work

Smart office desk

One of the biggest challenges of today’s lifestyle is that we sit a lot more than we stand or do any kind of physical activities. The long hours of sitting down results to various kinds of health issues like body pain, back problems, obesity etc. Making a lifestyle change is important considering that many deaths occurring today are mostly due to the kind of lifestyle we lead.

The introduction of the various kinds of standing desks

Smart office desk

To help people who sit down a lot, the concept of the standing desk came into existence. This was a flexible option, which gave the person the benefit of standing as well as sitting while using the table. Then came in the next level, which was a standing desk that came along with the treadmill. This was helpful for many people as it gave them the flexibility of being physically active and at the same time it was as per their convenience. Now this concept is gone a step further with the introduction of the smart office desk.

So what is this desk all about?

The smart office desk is designed with the help of the best technologies available today in the market, one of them being artificial intelligence. By combining these powerful concepts and taking the traditional desk in mind, this new product is designed to look into the wellbeing of the user. The programming of this desk has the ability to record your activities and make the necessary recommendations or suggestions when needed. Let us go a little more in detail to understand how this desk can help people out.

The functionality of the desk

Smart office desk

To begin with, let us start with the functions and features of this desk. There is a special built in sensor which senses thermal presence. Through this sensor, a trigger is released so that the desk can record the habits of the person. This means that it learns your movements and your habits while working. The concept here is that, over time, the desk automatically adjusts itself to suit your preferences by learning your habits.

Two modes come with the desk, the passive and the active mode. Both these modes record all the necessary information for data collection so that the necessary analysis is made. In the active mode, which is instigated if the user pushes a button, the users are advised, when they should stand, and when they should sit down. This helps and guides the users. They get to know when they should get off from their sitting position and do some standing. This is called as the whisper breath.

Wondering what the whisper breath is

This is the intelligent function of the desk. It’s because of this technology that your desk tells you to change your position. This smart technology is designed to analyze the breathing patterns of the person as well as their breath rate. Based on the breathing patterns, the desk will give you a hint of when you need to change your position. No doubt, some of these functions can also be turned off, if you are in the midst of something important, and do not want to be disturbed.

The design and body of the desk

Smart office desk

Now that you have a good idea about the functionality of the desk, let us look at the design and body of the desk. The sleek design of the body does not require too much of space. With an industrial design concept adding to the benefit, it helps to enhance the efficiency of the desk by maximizing the space. The desk also comes with compartments to store things when not in use. This desk is even a good choice for people living in small houses who do not have much space for a big desk. Its body is made from quality materials to ensure its long time use.

A final thought

This desk in every way proves to be helpful. With its multi-functionality, great design, innovative technology and the various other features, it is a true resembles of how your regular furniture can be turned into a smart one. This is not just perfect for home use but you can consider having this in the office as well so that your employees can take a break from the constant sitting down while working.

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