Keep your kitchen clutter free with smart tray

As cities run out of space to accommodate the growing
population and apartments get smaller, both designers and apartment dwellers
are struggling to come up with kitchen solutions that are more suited to
smaller cooking spaces. 

Most people living in city apartments claim that cleaning
a big pile of dirty dishes in a small sink is difficult to manage and that they’d
love a solution that helps them reduce the number of dishes per meal. 

The Smart
Tray by designer Ryan Jongwoo Choi is one such attempt at reducing the amount
of clutter in an average city kitchen sink after meals.

The design is aimed at young professionals in the 20s and
30s who spend only a limited amount of time in their apartments and often don’t
have enough time to keep their house and kitchen clean. 

These folks often eat
alone when they are at home and like to speak with someone over the phone while
having a meal alone at home. To accommodate this new, single person centric form of housekeeping, the Smart Tray comes with a special design that allows it to be transformed into a number of dishes and ensures that there are fewer dirty dishes in the kitchen sink at the end of a meal. 

The tray is also more of an appliance than a simple tray and its shape changing make allows it easier to maintain. The top of the tray can be programmed to change its surface shape into a tray, a large flat tray like dish, a tray with in-built bowls and dish and a set of large bowls as well. 

This unique property of the Smart Tray makes it an ideal dish set for
apartment dwellers that only need a small number of kitchenware.

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