SMART water purifier offers a plausible way to keep potable water healthy

To live a healthy life, out of the many things, drinking clean water is of paramount importance. One gets so many diseases, some even fatal owing to the consumption of polluted drinking water. Potable water is a necessity that everybody must have an easy access to. Designer Kim Seungwoo has come up with the Smart Water Purifier that will purify water and provide clean and safe drinking water to its users.

The smart innovation

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You install Smart water purifier in your kitchen and it ensures provision of clean drinking water every time. Bad odor, calcareous, infusible fine particles, rust residue, chlorine and bacteria are most harmful elements that pollute water and are commonly found in tap water. The 4-step filtration process of the Smart water purifier does not let any of these harmful elements escape, thus, providing clean drinking water to its users.

Beautiful and Functional Design

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Designer Kim Seungwoo wanted to come up with a design that has classy looks and has a simple user interface. The Smart water purifier has both these qualities, as its body cover made of black aluminum looks super happening. You can see the product has minimum parting lines, which designer did on purpose to simplify its appearance and to give “Smart” a unified look.

The product has an elegant design that suits modern interior decorations well. One feature that makes Smart water purifier a green product is its ability to automatically turn on power-saving mode whenever it is not in use. Besides, designer paid special attention to reduce carbon emissions while the Smart was being made.

Easy and smart UI

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The Smart is a water purifier that comes with a practical and interesting user interface. It allows you to extract amount of purified water while interacting with Smart in a smart way. The purifier allows its users to extract water at various temperatures, as in you can extract water for a baby mixing formula, for cooking and for drinking, and all these three require a different water temperature.

So you can forget heating or cooling water when the Smart water purifier gives you an opportunity to extract water suiting your individual temperature requirement. The touch screen displays information in larger size, which makes it readable for people with poor eyesight as well. Moreover, the chunky button and the larger display of information on the touch screen enable intuitive usability. It makes the Smart a user-friendly product especially for old people and the beginners.

The Smart water purifier claims to provide potable water to its users. It has a modern sleek design that makes it a perfect addition to your modern kitchen and home.

Source : Kimseungwoo

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