Spectacular Vacation Home with Green Roof

Spectacular Vacation Home with Green Roof

The designer


The design

Situated in the Black beauty Village, which falls in Ostional, the Spectacular Vacation Home is a splendid place to spend your holidays or to relax with your family and friends. This village comes in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Designed using a natural concept, this house features full opening that refreshes and enlightens you. Constructed in a wide area of 2,992 square foot, the Spectacular Vacation Home is quite spacious and stunning.

The features

The most interesting and fascinating feature of this vacation home is its green roof. This scenic roof is decked by lovely lounge chairs to let you enjoy the mesmerizing green and natural vista surrounding the house. It has been fully covered by the green tress, plants and grass that make the environment cooler and enthralling.

In addition, the house features multiple big glass windows in its three rooms that provide gripping scenic view from all around the house. The Spectacular Vacation Home is indeed super spectacular and fascinating enough to have some great time with your loved ones.

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