Spice it up with these pool speakers

Pool or marine speakers can be a great way to rock your poolside or garden parties. For water can damage ordinary speakers and can ruin your poolside party or any other special occasion outdoors. Those who love to enjoy music while tanning their bodies alongside pool or having a splash in the water, marine speakers can help them satiate their music creed and enjoy quality sound.

Marine speakers can resist harsh weather conditions like water and wind, so that you can enjoy your favorite music without any interruption. These speakers can project clear sound into an open air and can be a great option for open parties in your garden. Here we have listed some attractive marine speakers that you should have in your collection.

Alpine SPR-M700 marine speakers

Alpine SPR-M700 marine speakers

Alpine SPR-M700 is an amazing pair of speakers that can boost any open party with dazzling sound. The pool or marine speakers are water and dust proof and they can be suitable companion for your pool or garden party. These speakers sound as good as an average 6.6-inch speaker. The silver color, great design, perfect finish and powerful bass system make the Alpine SPR-M700 a good sound system for modern homes.

JL audio M650 marine speakers

JL audio M650 marine speakers

Easy to install, JL audio M650 is a pair of marine speakers that present a sleek design and rated highly by the customers for the sound quality. These set of speakers can add an attractive look to the room and boost any party with quality, surround sound. You can easily convert ordinary moments into special with the help of these speakers. The speakers come with rings to allow quick and easy installation in the garden or by the pool.

Wet sounds XS-650 Speakers

Wet sounds XS-650 Speakers

Wet sound system is a perfect companion for your poolside party. Providing great audio clarity, the waterproof system allows interrupted music. Made from nylon, metal and fibers, the sound system can enhance the beauty of your house with sleek and trendy design. Wet sounds XS-650 speakers can be a great partner of your home theater and music system.

Things to consider before choosing marine or pool speakers

You cannot choose any pool speaker randomly and must consider some important aspects before buying a pair speakers for your pool or garden.

Space or area

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Before buying pool speakers, you must first measure or understand the space where you intend to use or place them for optimum results. If you have less space, look for small speakers, as big speakers will create noise in such areas. However, if you have wide, open space, going for big speakers would be a wise decision to ensure amplified sound.

Know your needs

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If you love to listen to the music near pool, you must look for rugged marine speakers to withstand the harsh, wet conditions. The waterproof technology used in the system protects the device from moisture and other damages.

Design and shape

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The design and shape of the speakers is equally important, as speakers should complement the overall décor of the party. Speakers not only provide best music and sound but also enhance the overall beauty of a particular area. You can go for speakers that best compliment the decoration theme of your house.        


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Apart from all other pints, budget is another important aspect to consider before buying pool speakers. Marine speakers are available in different sizes and sound frequencies in the market, so you can choose the one that meets your requirements as well as budget.

Marine speakers can provide you great sound while enhancing the beauty of your house. They can be perfect choice for poolside parties. It is very important to upgrade your marine speakers to enhance the sound quality and durability. To keep your marine audio system updated and in good shape, you can upgrade it with different accessories at regular intervals. You can also include new light systems to sparkle your marine speakers.

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