Stack modular shelving system is lovely and space-conscious

You need to be smart enough to pick appropriate furniture designs for your home that match with the existing home décor and help enhance the overall charisma of your home décor. One such very smart furniture piece is Stack designed by Leah Kenttamaa.

Stack- a modular shelving system

Stack modular shelving system 3

So many things in a room décor account for its beauty and elegance. Right from the color on the walls, the carpet on the floor and the furniture together make the space look different and beautiful. Probably this is what makes you spend so much on buying stuff to decorate your home.

One such furniture piece that gives a room length and width, divides it as per your requirement and fills up the space well are the shelves. The Stack is a modern and an exciting version of the traditional shelves that gives you an opportunity to place them whichever way you want.

Modular geometric pieces

These modular shelves serve as a beautiful geometric piece adorning some or the other corner of your room. It looks like a network of six sided polygons and skewed squares placed upon each other. The wooden panels on the sides are designed in a way that supports each other, so you can form different shapes with them.

Unlike other shelves, which have a permanent design, as in you can only change its placement but you can do nothing about its design. This works as a hindrance sometimes, especially when you change the other elements in your room décor. You start feeling that the shelf does not match up with the new elements.

On the other hand, the very innovative Stack modular shelves change their design as per your desire. You are falling short of the floor area; you can stack the shelves up high. If the corner space is unnecessarily large, you scatter the Stack squares and polygons and your problem is solved.

It is fun arranging them

Stack modular shelving system 1

Arranging Stack compartments is super fun. It is like laying bricks, or solving a puzzle. The color combinations that appear on the inner side of the compartments give you an opportunity to place the compartments in a way that creates beautiful color combinations. Besides color, the small opening at the back of each compartment is what makes the otherwise normal shelves worthy of great attention and appreciation.

Shelves are usually normal constructions that fail to receive great appreciation usually. However, the Stack modular shelves designed by Leah Kenttamaa have some special elements, which make it different from others.

Source : Portfolios.Risd.Edu

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