Steps to Create a Beautiful Tabletop Woodland Garden

Adding a tabletop woodland garden is a great way to bring a glance of the forest to your home. Woodland gardens look spectacular. You can use your creativity while creating a woodland garden to make it lookextraordinary. The tabletop woodland garden can become the center of attraction to all the guests coming to your house.Here are some steps that can help the enthusiasts to create a beautiful tabletop woodland garden in a convenient manner.

  1. Materials needed


Different types of materials are available that you can use to create a tabletop woodland garden. The basic materials needed for the construction are a plastic or metal tray, preserved moss, moss ribbon, Spanish moss, glue or floral adhesive, a glue gun, dried lichen, tree fern pot and florist wire.

The other materials required for decoration includes driftwood, primrose, florist’s wire, florist’s clay and plants. You can use plants such as air plant, fern, violet, begonia, Peperomia and Pilea. You can use other miniature accessories to enhance the decoration of the woodland garden including dried seedpods, pinecones, and small piecesof wood and rock.

  • Steps Required for Construction


    Step 1

First, take the metal or plastic tray and use preserved moss to cover the base of the tray. The moss lying at the bottom of the tray will prevent the water from flowing down the tray’s base. It acts as a watertight base for the woodland garden.  You can also cover the edges of the tray with the moss for enhanced visual appearance of the woodland garden. Use the floral adhesive or glue to place the moss securely at different parts of the tray.

         Step 2

Now it is time to decorate the driftwood. You can do this by attaching moss and dried lichen with the driftwood using glue or floral adhesive. You can also use a moss ribbon to enhance the looks of the driftwood. The moss on the driftwood enables it to look good with the other materials of the woodland garden. The driftwood is the largest piece of the woodland garden, so ensure that it looks attractive.


        Step 3

In this step, you have to attach the plants to the tabletop woodland garden. You have to put the plants into the tree fern pot. The tree fern pot is capable of providing an efficient drainage system to the root balls of plants. Wrap moss around the root ball of the plants along with the florist’s wire. You can use glue or floral adhesive to secure the moss and florist’ wire wrapping. If there are any spots in the woodland garden with visible bare soil, then you can use Spanish moss to cover those spots. Spanish moss covers the bare soil spots quite smoothly and beautifies the garden.


        Step 4

In this step, you have to place the miniature accessories to give a perfect finish to your tabletop woodland garden. Attach dried seedpods, pinecones and pieces of wood to it by using florist’s clay to secure them. You can place them anywhere on the woodland garden according to your preferences. These miniature accessories enhance the beauty and looks of the woodland garden. You can also use other miniature accessories for decoration such as small turtles and other figurines. 

The process of creating a beautiful tabletop woodland garden is easy to follow. You can create an attractive woodland garden by using perfect materials for its construction. The miniature accessories employed in the tabletop garden gives it a perfect finish. The steps mentioned in this article will lead you to create a beautiful tabletop garden easily. 

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