Taking a deeper look into the popularity of rustic themed living rooms

The world “rustic living” creates an image of a less flashy and a simple interior. However, rustic living is not all about keeping away from the glamour and glitters. The rustic living is the way of designing your interiors in an aesthetic way. Exposed woods, warm fireplace, stone walls and vintage collectables are part of the rustic theme. Human beings love keeping connection with the past.

The rustic themed living is the outcome of the human efforts to stay connect to the past. It is not always that adding the vintage touch to the rooms would shade away all the glamour and glitters. You need to use your aesthetics and you can well design a rustic themed living which would be simple and less flashy however cannot be considered to be dull and mundane.

Looks beautiful


The rustic interior is mostly preferred by the people who are looking for unique designs. Most of the items and elements being used for designing such interior are handmade. The rustic interior looks extremely beautiful and stunning as it is designed with the usage of unique and handmade products. This adds romance and charm to your house. The rustic theme attracts people and offers a pleasant living in the spacious rooms.

The charm and the warmth of living in a rustic theme house are unparalleled to any other interior theme. An important aspect of a rustic themed house is that it allows enough sunlight and brightness. This enriches the room with positive vibes. The combination of vintage elements and the natural lights in the interior makes a fantastic environment within the rooms

You can do DIY projects to decorate your living room


The best part of a rustic theme is simplicity. With the increasing complexities in the day to day life, it is very much essential that you keep yourself in a simple environment. The rustic themed living is still popular due to the fact that this way of living keeps you connected to the simple lifestyle.

You can use simple elements from your junkyards to design a rustic theme. Here are few examples of usage of waste materials and the materials from the junkyard which can be transformed into beautiful rustic element that would enhance the beauty of your house by many folds.

  • Suitcase box table: Have you ever thought of a table made up of a suitcase box. You may use an older suitcase and paint it with vibrant colour. Next, you need to attach legs with screws in four corners of the suitcase and thus your table is ready.
  • Wooden pallet coffee table: This is also simple designs that can be made with the help of wooden planks. All you need to do is to cut these planks in perfect size. Next you need to nail the ends as per the decided design.
  • Wall racks: To make a wall rack, you need a small piece of wood and few magnets. Make few holes in the piece of wood to push the magnets inside. The magnets will allow the knives, forks and the spoon to stick to the wooden plank. Thus this simple design will not only be very useful but will also add elegance to the kitchen.

Every item can easily blend into it (Old and new)


One of the greatest advantages of designing rustic themed houses is that it can incorporate every item. The rustic themed house can blend the antique piece of artwork and a very modern furniture at the same time. Since the rustic theme is the blend of the modern and vintage architectural design this the reason with the rustic theme can incorporate each and every item of designing.

This expands the scopes of experimenting with new designs. The rustic themed living is being preferred by many people due to the fact that there is always a huge scope of new designs to be incorporated in the houses.

Easy to decorate (no strict rules)


Most of the items that you need to design a rustic themed house can be easily obtained. While designing a rustic themed living you need not abide by any strict rules of designing. All you need to is to use your aesthetic sense. The idea of transformation of a simple room to a rustic living space is to make maximum uses of the available resources. Handmade products have unique characteristics. The designs being created by the handmade product cannot be replicated. This makes your total interior unique and different. 

The interior of a house should always be maintained in a simple but elegant as in that way it would not be much expensive for you and at the same time, the whole ambiance looks nice as well.

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