Canary home security system makes your home security system smarter


Home security systems help to make sure that our family is safe as well as our home is monitored at all times. With every passing year, a new trend of home security devices hit the market, which comes with various features, benefits, specifications etc. Smart home products equally provide the best home security systems you can think of and each system has their own charm that makes them more appealing.

Presenting the Canary Home Security System


One such home security system, which is simple and easy to you, is the Canary home security system. This is a security system that takes care of all the needs and concerns you may have in regards to the safety of your family and your loved ones. With the increasing rates of crime and various other problems, it becomes very important to ensure that you do whatever it takes to keep your loved ones safe and secured in every way.

The specs of this system will blow your mind

The specs of any home security device play a vital role and the same is applicable with this one. This one stop solution comes with a device that is sized at 6 by 3″ and is packed with various add-on’s like incident support, smartphone notifications, real time footage, HD video and to top it off an extended warrantee of two years.

A little more about the camera

The sleek design of the home security system comes with additional features like the night vision and a recording system that automatically activates when there is any motion detected. In case you are not at home and someone tries to enter the premises, you can easily activate the alarm to scare them of even from your mobile phone. Apart from that, the inbuilt monitor even lets you know the carbon monoxide levels, temperature, humidity and air quality.

Economical price for the security of your home


If price is one of the biggest concerns you have while choosing a home security system, then this one is a good choice. This home security system does not even cost $200 and does not come with any hidden setup or monthly charges. Without a doubt, the Canary home security system is worth the investment.

Do not worry about complicated set up and installation processes

In a lot of home security systems, the installation process often takes a long time and can be very complicated. For people who are well versed with technology and technicalities, this may be fine, however, for those who are not used to it, it can be really challenging. Thankfully the Canary home security system installation process is very easy and user friendly. Within a matter of a few minutes, your entire system will be up and running.

The design of the Security system will blend in perfectly

Another good thing about this security system is that it is designed in such a manner that it can blend in perfectly with any decor. It does not look like a traditional one and comes in colors like black, white, and silver. The sleekness of the design makes it appealing to look at and does not give you the feeling that you have installed a home security system.

The intelligent learning Technology of Canary


The home security system that comes with this product has the capability of learning the habits and patterns, it can automatically adjust itself to suit your needs. This means that even if you leave for work and there is no one at home, the settings automatically change so that the other features can be activated. You do not have to keep on stressing around making changes to the settings to suit your needs.

A perfect choice for renters and homeowners

Another thing about the Canary security system is that it is not just ideal for homeowners, but even renters can install this system without having to worry about anything. Considering that home security is one of the major concerns for people living in houses, it does not matter if your home is rented or belongs to you, what holds more importance is the safety and security of the house.

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