The future’s future- The internet of things

The internet of things is not a new concept, this is something that has been going on for quite some time now, however, and it was not until recently that the term became so popular. Now that the concept is officially catching up in a fast pace, it is safe to say that this is the future of the future.  Over the past few years, there have been a lot of changes and technological advancements that has created a positive impact in various aspects.

Most of the advancements that we have seen have been more on the health centric front. It is surely safe to say that with the help of technology, companies are now focusing more on how a person’s health can be improved.

The internet of things is truly changing the world in a lot of ways, with more wearable technology coming into the picture, every year there is something new that is happening and the changes are taking place at a fast pace. Be it home living, manufacturing, biotechnology or any other aspect of lives, IOT is opening the doors who a whole new world.

Our cities are transforming at a drastic pace where we have seen the traditional industries getting disrupted. The way things are changing, the future is no longer man controlling machine, and however, it is more about Man and machine sharing one ground. Just like every year, even this year there is a lot to look out for with the change in technology. For 2017, this is what is in store

The Shopping Experience will be transformed thanks to smart tech

For the retail sector, Smart tech will become the back bone. Although this may not be seen through the naked eye, you will get to hear it through the stories which will come to life. These will revolutionized or bring the stores back to life with experiences that are innovative and beautiful. With the help of fixtures and products along with the instrumentation, a shopper will have a better experience while shopping.

The new tech will help to assess data on a real time basis, right from production to people, products, shopping stores and everything else you can think of, it will be optimized so that the experience customers will have would be a lot better. Things like UHF RFID and IR arrays will help in proving that in comparison to the data obtained online, the ones obtained from the physical store will be a lot better.

Personalization will go to another level with wearable’s and IOT

There are plans to take wearable’s to another level. While today the wearable’s can be used to track the basic vital stats; with IOT this will become personalized helpers for their owners. Just imagine if a person goes to the gym everyday and she/he has a wearable on everyday which remembers the settings of the treadmill. When the person steps on the treadmill, it automatically starts without the person punching any information

IOT will change the industries that are consumer facing

In 2017, a fundamental shift will still be seen between Connectivity and IOT if the way industries which are consumer centric engage with their customers. Presently the data that is being obtained from the devices will be used in creating that shift wherein the focus will change to increasing services and apps and connected devices instead of margin manufacturing. For a few traditional industries in the consumer sectors like insurance and retail, this will become a game changer.

The war continues for new moves

The war between major Giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple etc will take on another level as they come up with more products that are consumer focused. The attempts of Amazon to head the market with Alexa are another focal point that is catching the attention of not just consumers but also market watchers.

Insurance companies will similarly go ahead and adapt to the latest technological advancements. It is also seen that they will be planning to invest their time, energy and resources to find out ways to mitigate risk and come up with new plans on the basis of the data that is generated. This will be one of the most crucial processes which will determine a lot of other things including the future and scope of IOT.

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