The silent and ignored accumulators of dirt at home

Despite regular cleaning, managing the mess in homes is not that easy, as some places remain polluted under your nose. These areas include the stove, dishwasher, coffee maker and various other parts of the kitchen. It may be shocking but true that some places in house generally remains dirty even after normal cleaning. In this article, we have listed some areas in the house that even most orderly and hygienic people forget to clean.


dirty coffeemaker

Most of us start our day with a cup of coffee. However, a dirty coffeemaker can spoil the taste of your coffee. Regular use of coffeemaker can lead to deposition of coffee layer at the bottom of the coffee maker, which not just hampers the efficiency and durability of the machine but also affect your health. It becomes very important to clean your coffee maker properly at least once in a month. To clean your coffee maker, fill it with white vinegar and let it work overnight. This is an easy way to clean your coffee machine properly, without any mess. You can clean the filter of the coffeemaker in the dishwasher.



Curtains generally seem clean with naked eyes but they trap everything from pollens to germs and bacteria. They can harm the environment of the house and lead to several health problems. You can use your vacuum cleaners to keep curtains clean and germs free. Washing can be another good option, but do not forget to see the label to ensure that the fabric is washing safe.

Knobs, switches, and handles


Knobs and switches are some of those things that we touch several times a day and often forget to clean them. Number of dirty hands touching and grabbing these objects throughout the day builds up dirt and bacteria over them. These obvious places can lead to several infections and make you and your family prone to several infectious diseases. Therefore, you need to clean these places frequently without any miss.

Grocery bags

Grocery bags

Grocery bags are another important thing that we use every day. Bags made from clothes and other materials that you use regularly can be a safe heave for bacteria and cause several health issues, if you do not wash or clean them regularly. They are not different from other fabrics, as you can wash them in washing machine with other clothes. This is the simplest way to clean reusable grocery bags.


cleaning Refrigerator

We generally wipe out the shelves of the refrigerators but often forget to clean the door shelves. This can lead to fungal deposition on the door and make the food contaminated. You can wash it with warm water and can simply wipe it with sponge or soapy water. This will help you to get rid of bacteria, germs, and dirt.

Dishwasher and washing machine

Washing Machine Cleaning

Dishwasher and washing machine are other appliances that we forget to clean. Cleaning the washing machine regularly will make you clothes germ free. If you will not consider the cleaning of dishwasher and washing machine then this can lead to several fungal and bacterial infections. Dishwashers and washing machines are easy to clean, as you just need to fill both machines with hot water and pour some scoops of baking soda and let it work overnight. Drain the water next morning to get clean and germ free machines.


hand shower

No matters whether you have an overhead shower or hand shower in your bathroom, you must clean them at regular intervals for refreshing and hygienic bath. Take a plastic bag filled with white vinegar and tie it around the shower for around 10 hours for germ free and sparkling look.

There are different parts or corners of the house that we forget to clean and become a refuge for bacteria. Be it coffee maker, washing machine or any other appliance, regular cleaning is important to live a healthy life.

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