Things to consider when selecting the vanity for your bathroom

Bathroom is the place where you not only cleanse the exterior and interiors of your body, but also rejuvenate your senses. Decorating this place of relaxation with care is necessary. The bathroom vanity unit is a main part of the decoration. It serves several purposes and has to be chosen after considering important factors like size, shape, material and color. In the following, we have discussed some points for choosing the best vanity unit for your bathroom.

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Select the ideal spot:

The vanity units take up a major portion of the bathroom. They have to be placed at a convenient area that is easily accessible. The vanity unit must not disrupt the movement inside the bathroom. You can place it on the left or right side of the bathroom door but make sure that it does not block the entryway. The vanity unit consists of several drawers and shelf doors that is why it requires sufficient space for proper functionality.

Calculate the size:

Guessing the size of the vanity unit will not do justice to your bathroom. You must use a measuring tape and make calculations regarding the proper size of the cabinet. The size of the cabinet will depend on your budget, the size of the bathroom and requirements. A big family will need a bigger vanity unit and two sinks for convenience. The vanity unit acts as a storage unit so it should be big enough to keep towels, bathing robes and toiletries.

Do not overlook plumbing:

While planning the shape, size and placement of the vanity unit you must not forget about plumbing requirements. Homeowners often change the placement of the vanity unit during bathroom remodeling. Some homeowners prefer wall mounted vanities more than the floor mounted ones. Changing the nature and placement of vanity unit will mean changing the plumbing as well. This may cost you more money. So discuss with your plumber before installing the vanity unit.

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Be choosy about materials:

Not many understand the importance of correct materials when it comes to the bathroom vanity unit. Bathroom vanity units are available in different materials like wood and stones. The vanity units have to sustain in a wet environment. Wood veneers, laminates and thermofoil are resistant to water and last longer. If you want to use wood for the vanity unit then get it lacquered for better resistance. Choose a unique stone countertop that matches the rest of the decoration.

Coordinate the color and texture:

The color and texture of the vanity unit you buy will depend on the material you have chosen. The countertops and tiles are available in all kinds of patterns and colors to suit different bathroom decors. The color of the wood, countertop and tiles should be in sync with the paint and color of other units.

Functionality is of prime importance:

The vanity unit is the main storage component of your bathroom. It is more accessible than the wall mounted shelves. Do not buy a vanity unit which offers very little or no storage option. Some vanity units take little space yet offer enough space for storing toiletries and folded towels. Give your comfort more priority than the look of the vanity unit.

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Knowledge saves money:

The vanity unit you purchase should match the personality of the user and at the same time fit your budget. The vanity unit for kids’ bathroom should have fun colors and cartoon prints but the one in your bathroom should be more elegant. Look for discounts and compare prices on similar pieces of vanity units at different shops or websites.


Selecting the best vanity for your bathrooms is not that easy. You have to consider many different points like size, material, shape and utility. So consider these aspects carefully before choosing the vanity for your bathroom.

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