Things to know when welcoming a brown carpet into your abode

Adding a brown carpet to a room means to bring a fair share of richness to an interior décor. Unemployed professors said the color brown is so versatile that you would not feel any sort of restriction in your color choice. Not just the color choice but a brown colored carpet also gives you freedom from that tiring routine of cleaning it again and again, which is in contrast to other light tone carpets.

Things to consider

brown color carpet

Having said that adding a brown color carpet gives you ample freedom to choose other colors in your room décor does not mean you need not make color selection carefully. It is a dark, rich color that can make other color tones in a room appear dull and boring if you are unable to balance other elements.

It can altogether make a room look less bright and give it a heavy look, which certainly you would never like to happen. To eliminate any such possibility, we have read a GrabMyEssay review and turned to this service`s website to get writing help and bring you some tips that you should consider while making a brown carpet a part of your room décor.

Another important consideration when selecting a brown carpet is how to choose the Right Shade of Brown: There are various shades of brown that you can choose from. Some of the popular ones include chocolate, espresso, mahogany, and chestnut. Depending on the look that you want to create in your room, you can select any one of these shades. Most Estate Agents recommend that you opt for a shade of brown that complements your existing furniture and décor.

Give wall design a consideration

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Your wall design would certainly depend upon your brown carpet and the overall theme you choose for the room. You can apply wallpapers, or paint the walls in colors and patterns that enhance the beauty of the brown floor carpet. Suppose you set the Victorian theme in your room, then you have to ensure you incorporate everything that matches the theme.

Brown carpet in your Victorian style room would look amazing with wood paneling or textured wallpapers, as your wall décor. If you choose your room décor to be all modern and happening with a brown floor carpet, then bright colored wall paints and wallpapers are what you should go for.

What type of furniture looks best?

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While selecting furniture, check whether its style and color complements the brown carpet or not. Brown carpet looks extraordinarily beautiful with the Victorian furniture or some modern furniture pieces that are heavy and full of art. Try to pick pieces that are big and have strong design elements.

Same goes for the color as well, as light colors do not look good. Choose from orange, navy blue, yellow, brown, black, green, and red. Coming to the shape, it should be big, strong, and not delicate at all. Getting a house and furniture separately could be difficult sometimes. You might have to take help of someone like Estate Agents in Leamington.

Choose textiles carefully

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Brown is a color that makes a room look heavy and dull if not matched up well with some good level of brightness. If you plan to make a brown carpet a part of your room, ensure you bring in a good deal of brightness with other elements, such as textured fabrics. You can simply add some rich-colored fabrics with a bold theme, so that the room looks cheered up and fresh all the time, at the same time enhancing the impact of a brown carpet. Hang curtains in bright tones, throw pillows or cushions on the couch dipped in fuchsia, yellow, orange, or other pop colors.

Area rugs do the trick

You so want to add a brown carpet to your room but the existing furniture and some other elements just do not seem to coordinate with it. You are not willing to change your entire furniture for that carpet, as it is just not feasible. No what do you do. Well, a simple solution to this situation is to add some area rugs to your room that change the scenario overall.

Pick area rugs with catchy patterns and in coordinating colors. For your Victorian décor, the ones with colorful floral patterns would go just right. If your existing room décor happens to be all modern and happening, go for area rugs with bold geometric patterns and the ones with strong colors.

Guide to Proper Carpet and Rug Care

A brown carpet helps add warmth and richness to a room décor; as long as it match well with the other elements existing in an interior décor. As much as a brown carpet would add beauty to your house; it is also important that you have to keep it clean. No matter how powerful your vacuum cleaner is, it’s still likely to miss some dirt embedded in your carpet. Once the dirt goes into your carpet, it’s very difficult to remove, which is why many homes and offices hire a professional carpet cleaner. They use top quality carpet cleaning supplies and equipment that are designed to thoroughly clean rugs and carpets inside and out. Here’s a simple guide for proper carpet and rug care:

Keep it Clean

If you want your carpet to stay clean longer, make shoes off-limits on your carpeted floors. You should also vacuum frequently especially in high traffic areas. For wall-to-wall carpets, consider steam cleaning or rent a hot water extraction machine at least once a year.


Blot-up spills by covering the area with paper towels or a clean cloth/towel. Press down using your hand and repeat until the liquid is absorbed. To make your own cleaning solution; simply dilute a few drops of hand or dishwashing soap in water. Never rub anything on the carpet because this could ruin the fabric.


When cleaning your carpet; don’t allow dust to go up in the air as this can lead to respiratory problems including asthma. If you have kids with asthma or allergies, the dangers of dust can really aggravate their symptoms. The problem with most vacuum cleaners is that they send the dust into the air. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which will ensure that the dust is trapped inside the machine.

Cleaning Carpets Based on Type of Fabric


For routine care, remove grit using your vacuum cleaner. Use the beater brush when making multiple passes. Do not forget to replace the bag when it’s half full because its efficiency decreases after that.

If there are spills, you need to clean it right away by blotting. For deep cleaning, you can rent an extraction machine or you can call a professional cleaner especially if you have wall-to-wall carpeting.


You can use your vacuum cleaner for routine cleaning; but don’t use the rotary brush on loop pile carpets because it will cause the yarn to fuzz. Use the floor tool instead. If there are spills, clean them by using water. Don’t use any alkaline cleaners for this.

For deep cleaning, it’s not recommended to do this on your own. This is because wool fibers absorb water faster than synthetic ones causing them to become difficult to maneuver.

Carpet Plants

You can use the same technique in cleaning carpet plants- vacuum with a beater brush. But don’t overdo it as it can cause excessive wear. If there are liquid spills, plant fibers are more susceptible to stains so make sure to blot promptly. Finally, do not deep clean the carpet on your own because this type of material must be professionally cleaned.

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