Tips and tricks to make your window look bigger

Not every home can have the boon of large sized windows. It is also a very expensive option when you want to get it done. Sometimes, even the budget constrains can come into the picture. If you are living in an apartment, most housing complexes do not allow you to do any restructuring to the construction. In such cases, you can still have the effect of a bigger window with a few simple and easy tricks.

The trick to making the windows look bigger with curtains

To make your windows look bigger with curtains you need to ensure that you play it smart. Curtains are not just a great way to bring in life to your space; but they are also a beautiful way to create the illusion of a bigger window. While selecting curtains a few tips to keep in mind would include:

  • Opt for floor length or full length curtains

You can make a short window to look taller by installing full-length curtains. Place the curtain rods 2 or 3 inches below the mould of the ceiling. This will give you a reasonable length and sufficient height to make your Windows look bigger.

  • To enhance the width of your window

You are increasing the height of your curtain rod consider increasing the width as well. This will give the illusion of a fully sized window; you can consider increasing the width of the curtain by 60 or 70% on either side. This means that if your window is 20 inches then opt for a curtain rod and curtains that are of 80″. You can add 30″ on either side to make the window look wider.

  • Points to keep in mind while selecting the fabric

Department selection equally plays a vital role. When choosing the fabric for your curtains, invest in prints or designs that are vertically inclined. This will help to give the look of a large sized window.

The trick in making the windows looks bigger with shades

If you have shades installed on your windows, you can still bring in the illusion of a bigger window in a very creative and unique way. There are two ways to go about with the trick.

  • Choose shades that are larger than the length and width of the window

While installing the shades, opt for full-length shades. In this trick, the idea is similar to that of using curtains; instead, here you are using shades.  Full-length shades with a bigger width will also give you better protection from the heat during the summer time.

  • Blend in curtains and shades

If budget constraints do not permit you to opt for a full-length shade; you can still achieve the look within your budget. Install bamboo shades which you can roll up; that are slightly bigger than the window. You can also opt for the regular plastic shades if it fits into your budget.  For example, if you have a 30″ window, opt for a 50″ shade. You can divide the extra 20″ on either side of the walls. For the remaining space, use a curtain rod and add curtains only to the sides of the shade. This will give your window a nice long look and it will not burn a hole in your pocket.

The tricks of making the windows look bigger with paints

When you are planning to get a paint job done, you can still make the windows look big even with paints.

  • Install a wooden border and get it painted

While getting a paint done, consider installing an extra and thick wooden border around the window. You can paint this border with a nice shade of white, gold or any color of your choice.

  • The wooden border with wall art on either side

Another way to give your window a bigger look would be to consider the wooden border along with wall art on either side. This will make your window look bigger and wider. While working on the artwork, you can choose to either have it around the border, on sides or just cover the sides and top portion. One more variation in this front would be to have the frills and drapes on the upper portion of the window and the wall art on the sides and bottom side.

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