Tips For Maintaining The Grease Trap At Home


Maintaining the grease trap at home is no rocket science. It is only about doing the right thing at the right time in the right manner. We all know that prevention is better than cure. The same is applicable with the grease trap as well. Through these tips, you can end up saving a lot of money and also ensure that you do not harm the environment in any manner. This will equally help you and your family to live a long and healthy life. Let us check out the few basic and important tips to make grease trap maintenance a cake walk.

Regular cleaning of the grease trap

The-Grease-Trap-At-HomeThe first and most important aspect after understanding the grease trap how it works is to keep it clean. For this, you have to ensure that you clean your grease trap regularly.  Grease buildup in the traps can often result in various problems. Make sure that at least once in a month you use with a good and effective trap cleaner. This will reduce and prevent the buildup of grease on the edges and lining of the trap.

Invest in a catch basket

A catch basket is the next best way on how to clean a grease trap. A very simple tool improves the efficiency of your maintenance.  You can place the catch basket in the sinkhole before washing the vessels. This will prevent any food waste from entering the trap. When food wastes enter the grease trap, it can stay inside for a very long time. Eventually it starts to rot and leaves a bad smell. With the help the catch basket, you can prevent this from happening.

Reduce the usage of water

water usage

To prevent the accumulation of grease and reduce the water consumption, maintaining the grease trap at home plays a vital role. Different types of grease require different ways of cleaning. Nevertheless, in the entire process is the use of water is the common thread. You have to ensure that you segregate the food waste before washing your vessels.  This will help to prevent the accumulation of food waste in the grease trap.

Do not pour hot liquids

Amongst the various tips in maintaining the grease trap at home, this one is very crucial and important. Due to the accumulation of grease and oils in the trap edges, it solidifies over time. Although hot liquids can clean the trap, it introduces some bigger problems. The solidified grease and oils get into the drainage pipe. Overtime, this can clog the drainage pipe and result in expensive damages. In the worst-case situation, you might have to install a new drainage pipe.

Maintain a maintenance log

The-Grease-Trap-At-HomeAlthough this is not applicable for residential use, it does help in maintaining the grease trap at home. Through the maintenance log, you can keep a track of when you got the grease trap serviced and what kind of work was carried out. In the case of a business, this is one of the most crucial factors given the fact that the frequency of cleaning dishes is high. Through the maintenance log, you can keep a record of all the necessary information that can help you at the right time.

Avoid enzyme based products

When you are learning the concept of grease trap how it works, you have to remember that enzyme based products are not advisable. Yes, without a doubt, the enzyme based products do provide a quick fix for temporary issues. However, in the long run, it does have its own negative points.  Enzyme based products help in breaking down the solidified grease particles. But they contain a lot of toxins and chemicals, harmful for your health and the environment. Directly or indirectly, you are hampering and polluting the environment in many ways by using such products.

Maintaining the grease trap at home with professional services

While there are many ways and tips on how to clean a grease trap, nothing can beat the professional touch. You have to ensure that you get the grease trap serviced and cleaned by a specialist. This is because they not only know their job, but also have the understanding of how to prevent further damages.

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