Tips to make your home a smart one

Tips to make your home a smart one

We are living in the world of technological innovation. We are now in the era of smartphones and high tech gadgets then wouldn’t it be just amazing if we have our own smart home. The idea of having a smart home is very outstanding and very much possible. If you are thinking how to transform your home into a complete smart home, then there are some tips which will help you to make the change. If you are genuinely interested in making your home smarter, then these things should necessarily be in your home!

Smart Cleaning: The main thing, which is foremost for a smart home, is a smart cleaning process. If the home is not cleaned then it might not fulfill the category of smart home, for that there is a smart cleaning gadget known as iRobot Roomba 790. The cleaning gadget is more likely a robot vacuum which works from a wireless command center. You can make daily cleaning schedules and also control the robot with the help of a touchscreen remote control. It cleans up to 25 meters away and you don’t have to move from your place.

Smart Security: When you are thinking about a smart home then smart security is one major thing to think about. Many smart security kits are easily available at SmartThings. These security kits consist of many sensors and cameras. The company is working on many wireless communication devices such as motion sensors, open and closed sensor, presence fobs and electrical outlet display. The best thing you can attach them anywhere in the home like windows and doors and the gadgets are very user friendly.

Audio gadgets: Gadgets entertainments are also a part of the smart homes. Sonos Play 3 is a remarkable audio gadget that helps you have multiple wireless speakers at different places. With the gadget, you can play music at different places all at the same time.

Video gadgets: If you require a video gadgets to use for security purposes, then you can try new Alert 750n Indoor Master System by Logitech which help you keep an eye when you are not at home. It comes with a 130-degree rotation and HD picture quality. Apart from that, if you love watching movies or to play games, there are many video-related gadgets with wireless connection.

Lighting controllers: There is a plugin that works with one app for iOS 5+ designed by Belkin’s called as WeMo. The app controls the light in your home and it also helps in turning on/off lamps, coffee maker, TV etc. There is one other option where you can turn off the light with the help of a Bluetooth paired with a Bluetooth bulb.

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