Tips and Tricks to Decorate Rooms with High Ceilings

Just as we like long legs and tall people than the ones who are short, we also like homes that have tall walls and high ceilings. They give a home such a magnanimous look and such homes stand apart from many other homes that have short walls, and automatically short ceilings. The high ceilings have many benefits, as you can install those lovely looking big chandeliers, which certainly add that royalty factor to a place.

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As far as the high walls are concerned, you can turn them into art pieces like a big painting on them, or you can also turn an entire wall into a bookshelf that looks classy. However, all the modifications depend upon your needs and obviously on your financial condition. Rooms with high ceilings look amazing but it is very challenging to design such rooms. You can get the hang of the following tricks and tips that will come handy while you design your home with high ceilings.


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Well, lighting is one aspect that requires a considerable amount of attention in all interior decoration projects, and a lot more amount of attention when a structure has high ceilings. The higher the ceiling the higher number of lights it requires is a myth. A higher ceiling requires a proper placement of lights even if you do not increase their number, but yes if you increase the number of lights by two or three, it will certainly make the room look more bright and nice. Lighting spots are pretty inn and look amazing in rooms with high ceilings, and chandeliers are obviously breathtaking pieces of lighting that offer a bold statement to a home décor.

Accent walls

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We require certain features in a room with high ceilings that help to accentuate height and bring in the element of drama and uniqueness. Accent walls have all these qualities and look stunning. The accent wall is trend of painting single wall in a bold color, and the rest of the walls and the ceiling are painted with light colors. Accent walls become a center of attraction in the entire home décor and they compliment the tall walls and the high ceiling in the best possible way.

The Don’ts

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The don’ts are as important as the do’s are, therefore you must know the things you should avoid while decorating rooms that have high ceilings. A good interior decoration is the one that has the element of balance, and balance only comes when the interior decoration is far away from the clutter. An ideal way to avoid clutter is to refrain from many small decorative pieces, and go for few large sized artifacts. The tall walls are perfect to hang paintings but all of them should be at the eye-level.


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The curtain design depends upon the design of the wall and windows. If the tall walls have windows, only at the bottom then you can use a full-length curtain that helps accentuate the walls. On the other hand, if the tall walls have two sets of windows, on the top and bottom, then use curtains that match the window length and not more than that. As far as the color scheme is concerned, you have freedom of choice and use your creative mind to choose the best match of colors.

Decorative ceilings

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Besides the walls and other interior decoration items, take into consideration the ceilings also. You can get a nice texture done on the ceiling and make it stand out. There are ample textures to choose from, as in the wooden designs, concrete designs, and more.


It is not impossible though but it is certainly much more challenging to design rooms with high ceilings. If you keep certain things in mind, you can effectively decorate your rooms with high ceilings and make them look elegant and attractive.

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