Top 14 Modern House Designs for 2019 & 2020

Container Home, Marilia Pellegrini, Sao Paolo

Designing homes are a unique challenge for architects as they have to design a space which meets the needs of the residents as well as reflecting their aesthetic design elements. Some architects have stood out with their innovative designs that have taken a leap forward in creations which merge with the environment and the home is a beautiful retreat for the owners. Take a look at the top Modern House Designs currently making waves.

Top 14 Modern House Designs

1. Four Leaves Villa, Kias architects, Japan

Four Leaves Villa, Kias architects, JapanImage Source :

This is one of the most beautiful architectural house that has been built recently. It is situated in the midst of a forest in the Nagano prefecture, Japan. The villa was constructed as a retreat for the owners and friends, an escape from the city and hustle bustle to the rich, natural environment. The most stunning feature is the sloping roof, resembling the leaves of the trees surrounding the home. The laminated veneer joists have been arranged continuously forming an organic structure.

The interior space has been carefully designed so that it receives the maximum natural light and the residents enjoy the scenery.

2. Organic House, Javier Senosiain, Mexico


Organic House, Javier Senosiain, MexicoImage Source :

The architect built this superb example of architectural home, half underground, and half over the ground, seamlessly blending it into the surroundings. The interior of the home cannot be seen from the outside, and you can see only the trees, shrubs, flowers and grass. As you walk in the garden, you might actually be walking on the home’s green dune roof.

Even though the house is semi-buried, it is bright and sunny inside. The architects oriented the windows through domes, so that the home has plenty of sun and light. The aerodynamic form of dwelling allows free air ventilation. The home has a dining room, kitchen, dressing room, bathroom and bedroom, and the large spaces are demarcated as day and night spaces.

3. W3 South House/ LAB606

W3 South HouseImage Source :

This house is situated on the site of an earlier construction which was demolished. The design was the result of the accumulation of images and ideas by Horia Georgescu and Carlos Café who proposed the volume which had multilayered planes along with sealings which offered a volumetric balance. There is a wonderful balance in the house of open and opaque surfaces.

This is an architectural house of note for this year and the last due to the construction challenges and how the architects overcame them. There was the constant vibration of buses plying outside to contend with, as well as the intrinsic connection of the structures of the adjoining building. The original foundation had to be preserved so as not to affect the stability of the adjacent building. Building up from this, the architects constructed a stunning modern home, which offers ample ambient light through multiple levels.

4. Three Court House, RMA architects, India

Three Court House, RMA architects, IndiaImage Source :

Residential architecture has turned to the use of local materials that support the local economy. The architects made the court house in the traditional style in three connected modules which can be added on to when required, differentiating it from the bigger ‘villa’ style homes in the vicinity.

The use of tinted panes fills the home with colorful natural light which moves through different parts of the home as the direction of the sun changes. The simple materials having varied textures are enhanced through the intelligent use of ambient light. The reflections from the water and the other surfaces provide beautiful light into the shaded areas.

5. Pink Terrazzo and Archways, Sans-Arc-Studio, Adelaide

Pink Terrazzo and Archways, Sans-Arc-Studio, AdelaideImage Source :

The home is a lovely architectural home with an airiness about it that is compelling. The project includes diverse inspirations – art deco, German pottery and Czech and Italian glassware, and blends all the aesthetic influences in an integrated form.

The end result is colorful and exquisite and stands out from the brown and cream houses in the vicinity. The house has its own identity with arches and plaster, playing off the greenery and trees in the home’s backyard.

6. Container Home, Marilia Pellegrini, Sao Paolo

Container Home, Marilia Pellegrini, Sao PaoloImage Source :

The Container Home was displayed in the 2019 Casacor exhibition held in Sao Paulo. Container homes follow the global residential architecture trend of mini homes. Besides, there are millions of empty containers worldwide and making homes out of containers can be a great idea for those who want to live in tiny home, live off the grid, or as eco-friendly affordable housing for those who are economically backyard.

The ‘Casa Conteiner’ home is an example of the transformation of containers into modern, functional homes and sustainable. This model of residential home is smaller, faster, cleaner, dryer and 100% reuse. The architect cleverly joined two 40 feet containers to create a cozy home with laundry, kitchen, living room and bedroom.

7. Mid-Century Home Makeover, 8 Squared, Sydney

Mid-Century Home Makeover, 8 Squared, SydneyImage Source :

This house is a striking example of residential architecturebeing revamped to make the structure stronger and bring the interiors more in tune with the 21st century. The original façade was not disturbed, but the size of the home was increased by double, with fascinating views of the Sugarloaf Bay. The interior was designed by the Studio Gorman, who combined the décor of the 50s with ultra-modern interior decoration.

8. Hillside House, BAUEN, Paraguay

Hillside House, BAUEN, ParaguayImage Source :

Located in San Bernardino, the house is far away from the city to escape the noise and pollution of the city. The house is implanted in the hillside with its base inclined, surrounded by gorgeous vegetation. With the negative house-positive soil technique, the ground was modified very little and the hillside was further strengthened. The Hillside House has 3 levels, with the lower and upper levels having the privacy of bedrooms, the intermediate area has a social area along with a beautiful water body, which reflects the vegetation above.

9. Three Square House, Studio Puisto, Southern Savonia, Finnish

Three Square House, Studio Puisto, Southern Savonia, FinnishImage Source :

This house is in the region of Southern Savonia in Finland, and named after its one of a kind design. It has the appearance of a modern home but which also blends beautifully in the natural surroundings. The three equal squares are arranged into irregular ranch with the exterior being clad in dark, polished wood with zinc siding.

The large windows open out to the forest view. The central square is the living area and the squares on the have a garage, storage and sauna.The play of light within the space is intriguing, as the architects have used darkness to create mystery and a place of seclusion. There are places inside the home which receive bright light as well, so depending on the residents’ wish they can enjoy soaking up the sun or relax in a dark, intimate, corner.

10. Eco-friendly house, Kinsale, Ireland

Eco-friendly house, Kinsale, IrelandImage Source :

The spellbinding views of the Kinsale coastline are the home’s best feature. It was designed by the architect John Morehead, who has many interesting and successful projects to his credit. The bedrooms which are on a smaller scale have been done so keeping in mind energy efficiency.

The architect has used his expertise of the passive house design, so the home utilizes as much clean energy as possible, using features such as a wraparound deck to trap the sun’s heat, a VentAxia Heat Recovery system and geothermal heat pump.

11. Lake Manitouwabing Residence, MJMA, Toronto

Lake Manitouwabing Residence, MJMA, TorontoImage Source :

The Toronto family briefed the architects to replace the earlier 1930s structure on a peninsula which faced west. The house was built with the goals of maximizing outdoor lifestyle and entertaining.The indoor space is integrated outdoor spaces which cater to the owners’ wish of spending time outdoors. the architects have sensibly created an outdoor space which is protected from the weather, having its own microclimate, and thus suitable for use all throughout the year.

12. Peninsula House, Bernardes Arquitetura, Sao Paulo

Peninsula House, Bernardes Arquitetura, Sao PauloImage Source :

A stunning weekend home, the Peninsula House is a weekend home which is close to the city Sao Paulo. It has three abstract volumes stacked one on top of the other, positioned delicately on one steep slope. It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean providing generous views of the ocean’s myriad moods.

The top of the house comprises of a triangular shape, which includes the private areas of the home, the transparent space in the middle is where the common areas have been designated, and the rectangular lower part is the base of the home, which offers intimate spaces such as bedrooms. The entire home’s transparent yet private nature connects beautifully with the landscape, the beaches and the rocky inclines.

13. House O, Alexis Dornier,Ubud

House O, Alexis Dornier,UbudImage Source :

The design arose from the desire to translate the shape of one single sound wave into a space where the music is the main theme. The home was made for a composer-musician, so it was important to design a space which could inspire creativity. It has 3 bedrooms, with 150 sq m loft, overlooking the surrounding greenery as well as the coconut trees. The minimalistic interior amplifies the majesty of the natural surroundings.

14. House in Monsaraz, Aires Mateus, Portugal

House in Monsaraz, Aires Mateus, PortugalImage Source :

The only visible elements of the house are the superior dome and the patios which extend out. The rest of the house is underground, having a precise geometry bound by two intersecting domes. The bedrooms are lit up by the patios they open up to and the social area has a dome that lets light flood in. This is a house which is an example of how houses would look in the future, as more and more architects try to use the natural properties of the location to reduce energy use.

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