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Touch and Turn: An interactive cooking system

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By Menno Kroezen, the Touch and Turn cooking system is a product especially designed to render innovation to the cooking experience for people with the slightest of disabilities. It renders interaction in the kitchen with its tactile and audio-based interface. You might have an aged person at home, for whom you have to be constantly on the run due to his or her partial sightedness or various other cognitive disabilities. Well, this system will take care of that person in the kitchen, you won’t have to put your work on hold. Everyone can enjoy a safe culinary experience, thanks to its interactive nature. It has a wide application and can be added to any kitchen at a reasonable price. It will be sold as a set of hob and a matching pot. It is already a winner of Technology Strategy Board Award for Independent Living and the Helen Hamlyn Design Award for Creativity.

Via: HHC