Unique bedroom designs

Unique bedroom designs are nothing but implementing a concept of your own unique interest in your bedroom. There are different ideas that one can use to deck up the beauty of bedroom. For example, one can have a bedroom in the outdoors or in the attic, or even make theme-based bedroom. The wall color, furniture, theme and every aspect of the bedroom can relate to something that only you know and this defines the very concept of a unique bedroom. Let us have a look at some unique bedroom ideas.

Formal and unusual bedroom interior design

When you say formal and unusual, the color combination for a bedroom that immediately strikes the mind is black. The base color, which is the color of walls, could be either white or light grey and the rest could incorporate black color. A steel framed cot with black bed maker is ideal. It gives a formal look. A black and white portrait of a city would go about very well in the bedroom. A typical black lamp with a white lamp shade would go with the décor. The drapes could be double layered with translucent white curtains followed by black satin drapes. Or, you can also have striped drapes made of linen.

Unique bedroom design with curve shape inside

This type of design gives a Cinderella look to the room. To remove the girly look, it also looks like the carriage in the pre-historic centuries. The bed is elliptical with a flat wooden plank to hold the half white mattress. Geometric designs are given light in this theme. The side table is a square box and this variation is provided to highlight the shape of the bed, which masters the bedroom. The room can have decorative like a wooden vase with wooden stems. The bed’s top can have a stiff cloth, which is white in color or perhaps also a wooden sheet to provide a cozy atmosphere.

Unique bedroom design with lighting and models

The wall colors are plain white but the flooring is long one strip wooden planks. One wall has a beading, which encloses long strips of wood that are contrasted alternatively. Another wall could have a huge portrait of nightlife of a city. These contrasting colors give different shades to the bedroom. The bed is a work of modern art, frames of which are made out of wooden pipes. It is designed abstractly that can closely be compared to a star. The room plays with light and slightly dark shade of lights to give a modular look.

Unique bedroom design night sky

Most of them out there would like to spread a blanket outdoor during the night and sleep. Now you can experience the same by having a night sky theme in your own bedroom. You can have planet and star stickers in your room. These stickers may be radium stickers that illuminate in the night. Or you could even have a glass ceiling with an opaque shutter that would close the ceiling during the day. The walls could be painted dark blue with white or yellow stars. You can also have motifs in the room that are elements of the night sky and pictures of spaceships, satellites and astronauts in your room.

Unique bedroom design by Steve Kuhl featuring a pirate ship

Here the bed can be placed above the floor near the roof. A small bridge made out of wooden planks supported by thick ropes would lead you to your bed. The bed is a ship made out of wood again. It has those lanterns hanging around everywhere with slots for canons and other weapons. The wall can be painted to resemble ocean. Below the bed you can have treasure boxes, gold coins and antique pieces. You can also add in a bit of marine animals to the walls. Dark walls are ideal and lights are supposed to be dim.

Unique bedroom design with pleasant fragrance

A bedroom smells terrible only when it is totally cluttered. This type of a design makes the room spacious to provide circulation of air. The colors in the room are light to make the room look larger. Fresh flowers are a must in the room. Huge window panels are mandatory to enable penetration of fresh air in the room. Less number of decorative in the room, scented candles and other such stuff give a lingering fragrance to the room.

Unique bedroom design for car lover

Do you love cars, here you go! Your bedroom can be a medium of long drives as well. Your bed could be given leather touch and the frame could be made to resemble that of a car. The foot of your bed can be detailed to that of your favorite car. Your walls can be painted with technical tools. Lots of clocks in the room would give you a car like aura. Sober colors and metal finishes are mandatory. You can give a jazzy look too.

Unique and compact in teenage bedroom design by Tumidei

Don’t you have enough space in your kid’s room? In this design, you can have the bed of your kids above their cupboards. It is a modified concept of bunker beds. Storage stuffs can be put systematically under the bed while the kid can sleep on the stores. Since it is a kid’s room, bright colors are not mistakable. A study table is mandatory and shelves for books are also required.

Unique concept of orange bedroom design

Orange, according to people, is a very bright color and looks too gaudy. But using the color aptly makes a hell lot of difference. If you want a very sober look, you can decorate your room with metallic grey and orange. The bed, curtains, lamp shades and all the other items should be in the combination of orange and grey. Orange also gives an elegant look to the room when the lighting is perfect and yellow lights seem to go with orange color. Wooden furniture, marble flooring and other such detailing are complementary.

Modern and unique bedroom design by Vadim Cherniy

Abstractness and intellectual look in the bedrooms bring a modern but unique look. The beds are usually white colored with messages on it. The messages are cheesy and catchy. They bring in an intelligent approach to the person in the room. The concept is having everything in the room to be simple except that one thing that gets the person into the groove. It is a lovely design and extremely unique.

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