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Using flowers to make your dining room livelier and enchanting

There is no doubt that arranging flowers in the dining room would make the entire space look livelier and more colorful. Plus, it would help you bring in a part of nature into the otherwise synthetic setting and sets the right tone for the gathering. So how do you go about incorporating these flowers into the dining room’s décor? Simple; here are some creative ways in which you can achieve that with minimal hassle.

Arrange them on the table

flowers in dining room

The simplest way to get some flowers into your dining room is to arrange the on the dining table. A bunch of flowers arranged in a vase taking center stage can make the table as well as the entire room stand out beautifully. Opt for seasonal flowers that set the mood for the same as well. A few things you need to be wary of with respect to this arrangement include:

Ensure that the flowers reach upward and not outward. This way, you can prevent them from falling into the food or getting in the way when eating.

The size of the table would determine how large the flower arrangement can be. While a large table can do with a single large vase of flowers, a smaller table would usually not go well with a large vase. In this case, you can opt to arrange a few small flowerpots in a straight line down the center of the table. They would make a charming addition to the room and would cover the entire expanse of the table as well.

Flowering trees

flowering plants in dining room

If your dining tablet is too small to accommodate the flowers, you can opt to place them elsewhere in the room. For instance, you can opt to place a flowering shrub (one that grows to a reasonable height) near the dining table. This would brighten up the space nicely. Make sure you keep the plant at a safe distance so that its branches don’t extend onto the table or start poking your guests during the meal.

Flowery decals

Flowery decals 1

This is another way to include flowers in your dining room décor without necessarily opting to place flower pots everywhere. Choose to paint either one wall or all the walls with flowery decals. In addition to creating a focal point of interest in the room, this would make the room look more elegant.

Flower lights

Flower shaped lights in dinning room

Here’s another idea you can opt for when trying to decorate your dining room with flowers. Buy lights that resemble flowers, including a chandelier with flowery patterns on it. When lit, this would give the entire room an aura of being bathed in flowers. Minimize colors though as this would tend to make the design too overwhelming.

Flower hangings

Hang this top over the dining table

No space to keep a flower vase nor the budget to paint the flowery wall decals? Then how about opting for another simple flower based idea for the dining room? You can make your own flower hangings by stringing together a couple of flowers. Make 4-5 such strings and then attach them to a common top.

Hang this top over the dining table to create a striking look almost immediately. You can choose between different flowers and experiment with different colors as well until you zero in on the pattern you like best. These flower hangings will definitely spruce up your dining room for sure.

Decorate the chairs with flowers


Instead of decorating the dining table with flowers, consider decorating the chairs with them instead. For instance, you can place two roses on either sides of the chair, attach two strings to them and attach a name card to the other end of the strings, thus creating a placeholder with nothing but flowers.


There are plenty of ways in which you can use flowers in your dining room décor. Get creative and use the style of the dining room to go with the placement and beauty of the flowers.

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