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Vosin teleducha: Showers with flamboyant colors

vosin multicolor shower1
We spend most of our time in bathroom. Strange, but true! But are you willing to enjoy the shower with the feel of spa? Here are Vosin showers for you, to enjoy the ecstasy of spa in your bathroom. Grup gamma has come up with the Vosin teleducha multicolored shower that endows you with an exquisite bathe with vivid colors. The shower is a blend of chromotherapy and hydrotherapy. As the water forces out of the shower, the lights are illuminated with equal vigor. One of its basic aspects is that the color of the shower changes according to the temperature of the water. The teleducha not only bestows you with a pleasant shower but also with flamboyant colors to enjoy your bathe.

vosin multicolor shower

Via: Decoestilo

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