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Wall-Mounted vs. Free-standing Vanities: Which is Right For You?

When you picture a bathroom vanity, chances are you imagine a humble, wall-hugging model that was installed, largely unchanged, for decades. Maybe your home has one of these right now, and you’re just dying to get it out, or you may be installing one for a new construction project. Today’s vanities come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. In recent years, wall-mounted vanities have become popular, alongside the various free-standing models. Which one is right for you? We’ll look at the differences in the basic models found in bathrooms all around the country. First, the free-standing units:

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1)    Kitchen Cabinet Style. This free-standing unit is perhaps the most basic choice out there. Your sink is set in what looks like a normal storage cabinet, with four sides that go straight down to the floor. Storage room is a plus, as is the ease with which you can clean the floor around these. You’ll also pay a little less to tile your floor.

2)    Furniture Style. These can be fashioned from actual furniture. Simply create holes in a favorite dresser for sinks and faucets. Any appropriately sized furniture will do. The benefit is that this can be made to match the style of your room or house exactly. You’ll be able to make a vanity that is modern, classic, rustic, or whatever style you prefer. Depending on how handy you are with a recycled piece, or how much you want something brand new, these can be either cheap or costly.

3)    Pedestal sinks. These can be both affordable and attractive if you pick the right model. You’ll see pedestals in a lot of small bathrooms, because they don’t use up any space for storage. One potential downside is the extra floor space beneath that will need to be finished, but we’re only talking a few extra square feet. Finally, pedestal vanities are available in many styles, old and new.

Now the wall-mounted vanities:

Wall-mounted vanities are a more modern design choice. With your vanity hovering dramatically over the floor, you will need to make sure that the entire floor area is finished. You’ll also need to follow slightly stricter installation procedures to make sure the unit is safely fixed to the wall, especially if you’ve got little ones in the house. But the look that a wall-mounted vanity can bring to your bathroom is transformative. The uninterrupted floor space will make the room seem bigger.

Whichever model you choose, we hope you enjoy your vanity. There are many choices to reflect your life and style. Any model can be attractive, affordable, and useful for years to come.


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