Weird devices you’d never try in your bathroom

Most of us prefer our bathrooms to be simple, however, some may like to add a hint of drama even to this segment of house. To help them out, several devices have been introduced in the market. Unfortunately, some of these appliances make your bathroom look weird, so it’s better to maintain a distance from them. Some of such devices are listed below.


Here, we are not discussing about a single device, in fact, here we are dealing with a collection of such devices which you’ll never want to have in your bathroom. It is beyond understanding as to what encouraged Rota-Rooter to throw such a good amount of cash into this thing. They have actually installed a variety of devices such as an HDTV, TiVo, DVD player, iPod with dock, Xbox 360, laptop, bike pedals, bullhorn, beer tap and even a fridge into the bathroom. The crapper just complements their theme: it’s an ultra fancy Kohler with a super-strength of 1.4 gallon flush. Seriously, don’t you think all this stuff would fit better in your living room?

Cordless Lighted Toilet Seat

Sir John Harington who is credited with the invention of flushing toilets would have never imagined that one day these toilets will even sport LEDs! Now, you must be thinking for what purpose these LEDs have been put into the toilet? Well, this special version of flushing toilet has been designed keeping in mind those people who are in the habit of visiting this part of the house frequently during the night. Now, if you are one of those who hate to blind their eyes when lights are turned on during the night, then this Cordless Lighted Toilet Seat is certainly for you. Simply, lift your toilet’s lid and ten blue LEDs, powered by three AAA batteries, will light around the seat to guide you through!

Vibrating Automatic Soap

Some people are that much lazy that they even find it difficult to keep moving the soap back and forth just to get a decent lather going. Now, this vibrating soap has been launched to answer their prayers. A simple vibrating mechanism is placed deep inside the soap which makes the soap go into the vibration mode as soon as you pick up the soap. From that point onward you are not supposed to do anything because it creates a nice soapy lather all by itself while it is in your hands.

TileVision Bathroom TV

The TileVision Bathroom TV launched by SteelCube is certainly an ultimate luxury for those who love to spend time in their bathroom. This is a totally waterproof TV that comes along with a waterproof remote control. Special arrangements have been made in order to make sure that the picture does not becomes full of condensation, that is why heated glass screen is used. At present, two models of TileVision are available in the market, one having a 17″ and the other having a 23″ widescreen. You can also choose from black, silver and mirror finish.

LTT Illuminated Bathtub

This one is certainly going to attract those who are in the favor of adding drama to their bathroom. We can assure you that this illuminated, self standing, polyethylene bathtub will definitely draw a lot of attention. A number of variation to this bathtub are available such as the programmable LED light unit, internal multicolored or a regular light fitting. But again, this is your bathroom, not a disco where such lighting is necessary.

Waitek shower monitor

The waitek shower monitor is on our list, not because it makes your bathroom look weird but because of the fact that it limits those comforting moments of long hot water baths to just a few minutes. It consists of a timer which gets activated, the moment you turn on the faucet. And after a preset time, it starts producing an irritating sound. Now, even you must have got the idea that the only to shut the sound off is to turn off the faucet.

LED Faucet

The new LED faucet light attachment from ThinkGeek is a breeze of fresh air for those who are bored of that same old monotonous water. You just have to add this attachment to the end of your faucet and next time when the water flows through the faucet, it turns on the LED array and lights up the entire water flow.

MP3 Player Mirror

Although this Maitre mirror from Stocco looks like an ordinary mirror but there is one thing that makes it stand out of the ordinary. There is a touch screen console in the lower right corner of it which allows you to play radio and songs using the MP3 player while you are taking a shower. However, I still cannot understand why would someone want to have a MP3 player in their bathroom? Again, a puzzle which needs to be solved!

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