Eight worth buying kitchen gadgets

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Quality food is the top priority of every foodie. In order to make it possible you need to use top quality equipment too. With the advent of science and technology there is no looking back in this aspect. There are numerous devices that can power your kitchen and help you to produce quality food in no time. You can work wonders and prepare any kind of food from within the four walls of your luxurious kitchen. So, what are the latest foodie gadgets available these days? Let us look at eight worth buying kitchen gadgets for your home.

1. Digital Measuring Cup

eKitch Digital Measuring Cup

Ever wondered of having a measuring cup with a digital display? Then, here it is. Now you can measure the ingredients of your recipe accurately and make perfect dishes. This is the convenience of using the digital measuring cup. The cup measures about 140 x 133 x 135. It has an LCD display to show you the measurements accurately. You can measure ounces, ml, fl. oz or even cups of flour. You may never go wrong with this kind of gadget in your kitchen.

2. Joy Scale

Joy scale

The electronic scale comes with an iPod system. Wonder what you will do with this device? It helps you to enjoy your cooking by listening to your favorite music. The kitchen scale is more than handy because you can measure various things and at the same time, it has an embedded docking station for the iPod. What else do you need to make your cooking more interesting! Get ready to buy one for your kitchen because it comes with a cheaper price tag than you think.

3. Quick cook

Quick cook

Looking forward for a quick meal on a lazy weekend? Here is a gadget that can help you to prepare your meals in just four minutes. The Toast n Egg can boil up to four eggs, poach an egg when you are making the toast. The beautiful and stylish black device is handy for those who love fast food and like to spend more time relaxing. The useful and time-saving device is one of the must-haves in today’s kitchens.

4. Vegetable cleaner

kitchen gadgets

Now you have the power of an ultrasonic vegetable cleaner in your kitchen. You can eliminate the dirt more vigorously than ever and eat clean and healthy food. When we clean the fruits and vegetables normally, there are many kinds of germs are left unnoticed. But, with the help of this electronic gadget, you can easily clean those items in a better way. It uses the ultrasonic waves to remove the dirt from the vegetables and fruits. It ensures that you consume only clean food every day.

5. Microplane grater

Microplane grater

The Microplane grater or the zester is one of the coolest kitchen gadgets to own. This latest innovation is very useful in the kitchen. You can grate the ingredients beautifully and use fresh items instead using the processed and store-bought materials. The grater is very handy for grating spices, vegetables, chocolate bars, fruits and anything you can think of. Your cooking becomes a lot easier with such a device.

6. Beepegg


Music to your rescue at last! The Beepegg plays tunes to let you know if the cooking is done or not. The device helps you to boil eggs according to how you want them. You can be sure that you cook it exactly as you need. The gadget beeps at different intervals so that you will know when the egg is soft boiled, medium boiled or hard boiled. So, there is no looking back for getting the eggs boiled to the right temperature.

7. Salad spinner

Salad spinner

This special salad spinner has won the IDEA bronze Award in 2008. All you need to do is to give a single touch and the spinner turns vigorously to dry the contents and similarly, you can stop the spinning with a single touch. So, making salads is easier with this gadget because you can wash, dry and mix the ingredients quickly and more efficiently than ever.

8. Steam cooking

Steam cooker

Looking for a steam cooker to warm your meals or other ingredients? Here is a steamer that cooks individual elements of your food separately. You can also program it for warming the whole meals and make it ready for serving. There is no need to use a lot of pots and pans because you can use the compartments of the steamer to warm the items. The steamer occupies your worktop in an elegant manner too. You can prepare well-balanced and healthy foods using the steamer.

There are many latest gadgets that can adorn your modern kitchen and make your work more interesting. It is a matter of convenience and comfort that makes you choose among the best of these devices. Some of them are multipurpose and can be used for doing many tasks. Next time, when you are in the market shopping for kitchen appliances, look for these and buy your favorite gadgets.

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