8 Kitchen Design trends that are here to stay in 2019

Kitchen Design trends

You may have built yourself a dream house but it is of little value if every part of your house is not up to date. The kitchen in this regard is often the most neglected part of the house seldom undergoing renovations with the changing times. However this needs to change as the beauty of the kitchen has much to do with the overall beauty and aura of your house. So in this article we will be discussing some of the best kitchen design trends. These will come in handy if you plan to upgrade your kitchen in the future or if you are in the process of setting one up.

List of the best kitchen design trends

  1. The Cabinet door handles:
    Kitchen-cabinetThis is an aspect which is often very neglected when it comes to the kitchen designing. The door handles though can add up to the glamour of the kitchen if you can manage to replace them with leather rings or some strips which can be used as handles. As for the cabinets there are plenty of colors for cabinet color idea and material in the market to choose from and you can pick the one most suited to your kitchen. In fact, if you want to stay in 2019 you can actually opt for a very handy option, that of not getting a handle at all for your cabinets. There are other mechanisms nowadays for you to open them sans handles.
  2. Beautification of the kitchen sink: We often do not speak of the kitchen sink while talking about the kitchen design trends. They can however change the look of the kitchen to a great extent. You can choose from a wide variety of metallic accents and other colors that would complement the rest of your kitchen. There are some makers who have even come up with multi functional sinks which can be an ice bucket or a pot holder. Get such things to modify your kitchen to a great extent apart from just the conventional way of changing the cabinet color idea.
  3. The changing pattern of kitchen storage:Include smart kitchen storage
    The idea of open shelves is finding more and more takers currently which is very noticeable in the contemporary kitchen design trends. When it comes to the exotic and expensive dishware like the plates and the fancy glass, many people are willing to flaunt them instead of keeping them locked in the closed cupboards. We would however recommend that you put some of the very rarely used items in locked spaces only since they will accumulate a lot of dust if outside. The other storage means can be cute wooden boxes which people are taking to and even glass jars. The idea is to use the food as decoration as well and this idea is still trending.
  4. The glamour of matte appliances: When appliances have matte finish they look all the more beautiful. The modern kitchen design trends have taken a leaf out of this idea and tried to use a dark matte texture in those appliances that find a place in the kitchen. The previously popular glossy finish now seems a bit too overdone and tacky and the matte finish has taken over. The added advantage of this is that the slight specks of dirt and fingerprints are not so prominent in the matte finished appliances. If you want to stay in 2019 do consider getting this for your kitchen.
  5. Indoor herb garden:
    This actually has a dual advantage. Apart from the fact that you would be eating fresh, it would also add to the decorations of the house. If placed in the kitchen, it would make for a unique kitchen and that is the idea behind adopting this as the modern kitchen design trends. Just make sure that you take good care of these plants and also remember to allow some sunlight into your kitchen. If you maintain proximity to the sink then you will face no issues with the availability of water.
  6. Colors can be experimented with: Just the idea of white kitchens can indeed be monotonous. And with such abundant usage over the years white indeed has lost its position. Now in 2019 it is the time to do some experimenting with the colors. Choose from a wide range of color palette for the one that is most suited for your kitchen. Even a nice color combination will work wonders. For instance you could pick one color for the cabinets and another for the walls and yet another for the wall space above the ceiling.
  7. Unique ceramics to complement your kitchen:
    KITCHEN TILE Metro tiles for instance are extremely popular in the kitchen area. The best part about them is that it will sync to a retro kitchen look just as well it suits a modern kitchen décor. You can also opt for highly patterned tiles as a part of the modern kitchen design trends. Even a matte finish to the tiles will give your kitchen a unique yet complete look.
  8. Gold or copper tones in the kitchen: There is an increasing trend while picking the colors in the kitchen. It is to go for a metallic accent color to provide the kitchen with a royal finish. They are especially in use when it comes to some smaller things like the taps or faucets or even the cabinet handles. The colors gold and copper actually provide your kitchen with a vintage look. You get all of this without having to go all out to buy fancy stuff and as the easy way out it makes the list of our idea of the kitchen design trends.

Final words

This is all you needed to know about the kitchen ideas that are still trending. Implement them in your house and we can assure you that you will be the proud owner of the most advanced and beautiful kitchen. These are the tips for you to maintain your kitchen in such a way that it feels like you stay in 2019. Try them out and you will thank us later for these inputs.

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