8 Renaissance interior design tips for modern homes


The Renaissance style is graceful, opulent and gorgeous. Symmetry and harmony play an important role in this style as well as beauty and elegance. Designing your interiors in the Renaissance style will transform your home into a majestic abode. This style is luxurious and gorgeous, but understated too. It gives a refined chic vibe which is very impressive. Take a look at the elements of this style if you are planning a Renaissance interior design for your home:

8 Renaissance interior design tips

1.     Symmetry is key

Renaissance-interior-designThe Renaissance style emphasizes on symmetry, geometry, harmony and proportion. So while creating your home decor in this style, you have to keep these elements in mind. There should be ample space in the rooms, and give a sense of freedom. Though the decorations are elaborate, there should be less of that, instead of filling up your whole home with huge pieces of carved furniture. This would create a very stuffy atmosphere which would be overwhelming.

2.     Ornate, high ceilings

The palazzos of Italy in the Renaissance period had at least three stories and all the floors had typically high ceilings. In modern apartments too, high ceilings denote grandeur and stature. When you are working on your house decoration, you can create an ornate pattern on the ceiling, which can be a false ceiling. Ornate ceilings are a part of the Renaissance interior design. You can paint the ceiling in a rich color to emulate the Renaissance ceiling decoration of yore. Hang a plush chandelier to complete the look.

3.     Paintings

commission a painting in the Renaissance style.To live and breathe in the rarefied atmosphere of a Renaissance styled home, you can adorn the walls of your home with the decorative paintings of the period. The real paintings are in museums all over the world, so the best you can do is commission a painting in the Renaissance style. Or you can buy a print and frame it in gilded, elaborate frames. You can hang a lovely statement piece you bought online, in the living room or the hallway. Realistic theme was popular in the Renaissance era, so you can choose a realistic painting to get an authentic Renaissance interior design.

4.     Patterned and decorated floors, walls

Grand floors will complement your grand ceilings. The floors in the Renaissance style were patterned tiles, with geometric designs in earthy colors. The tiles you install can have underfloor heating, which would keep your home warm in the freezing winters. You have a huge choice of designs and shades, besides being durable and clean.

The walls were very smooth and were colored in neutral colors. These days, when you are decorating your home in the Renaissance interior design, you can choose wallpaper which have a rich look, and matches with the geometric patterns of the ceilings and the floor. You can choose to paint the walls too, in neutral tones such as beige and cream with gold tones. This would be a good background for the paintings you would hang on the walls.

5.     Colors

Renaissance-interior-designColors are restrained but rich – pastels such as light green and cream, gold, shades of brown, yellow, blue and dark red are the choices usually when you decorate.

6.     Fabrics

In the Renaissance interior design, luscious fabrics were the norm. Silk, satin, velvet were used for the upholstery, drapes, chair seats and loose cushions. During this period, silk, satin and other gorgeous fabrics were shipped to Europe, which were used abundantly in home decor.

Satin cushion covers can adorn your Italian renaissance furniture, and give a luxurious look at an inexpensive cost. Satin bed covers, velvet chairs, luxurious embroidered curtains, decorative cords and plush carpets which have floral or geometric patterns should be chosen.

7.     Furniture

Renaissance-interior-designThe furniture is usually gilded, ornate and elaborate. Soft sofas and footstools, brocade chairs would beautify your home. Four poster beds were first used in the Renaissance period – these were carved four poster beds which had raised platforms, had canopies with richly colored drapes. Four posters are popular today too, and is one of the design details for the bedroom you can incorporate. There are many stylish four poster beds suitable for modern homes you can choose.

The Italian renaissance furniture displayed an abundance of painting, inlay work, carving and gilding. Modern designing while implementing the Renaissance interior design also favour furniture displaying these details. There should be a few statement pieces, which are a part of the interior composition of your home. Renaissance is a sublime, solemn and gorgeous style as well as being comfortable.

Beautiful cabinets, tables, chairs, four poster bed, secretary, desk with drawers which is decorated with many columns, carvings and reliefs are furniture pieces which can complete the Renaissance style of your home. Choose every piece with a lot of thought, and you can find good Italian renaissance furniture in auctions and vintage stores.

The chairs might have armrests, intricate legs and laced backs. Armchairs may be gilded. Tables are usually round, hexagonal or oval, with a single stand, or rectangular tables with two to four legs.

Whatever the furniture you choose, it should be expensive, luxurious and superb quality.

8.     Finish the look

Once you have decided on this style, then you have to create a cohesive look. Ensure that the walls are light and smooth, luxury fabric or stone wallpaper. Wall panels and frescoes are appropriate too. For the floor, choose ceramic tiles or other expensive flooring.

If not, then a carpet or rug in rich colors would be the right choice. The ceilings are decorated with paintings and stucco. Decorative pieces should be made of ivory, precious metals, chests, porcelain vases and tableware would be perfect. The furnishings could have beautiful floral decorations, having antique style patterns of heraldic animals and mythical creatures.

The Renaissance style would impart a rich sophistication to your home, making it look elegant and trendy and give you respite from all the hustle and bustle, when you sink into your luxurious sofas and plush carpets.

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