9 Extremely handy tips on how to keep dust away from home

keep dust away from home

Dust is an essential part of the environment and has an important presence in our surroundings. However too much of dust can be detrimental to our health. There are several diseases stemming nowadays due to the problem of excessive dust in the house. From dust allergies to respiratory tract infections the list goes on. For that reason here are some tips on how to keep dust away from home. Follow these very simple DIY tips and make your house dust proof in no time. Breathe easy!

Some tips on how to keep dust away from home

1.     Remove your shoes before entering house

Remove your shoes before entering houseThis is a cultural norm in many countries and if you are not a citizen of one of those countries it is an important practice to adopt. This is exactly nipping the problem source in the bud because shoes are the source of most of the dust entering your house from outside. You can provide your guests with washable slipper socks if they are absolutely reluctant to step in barefoot. Follow this and save on 80% dust which enters the house via the shoes.

2.     Change filters frequently

While the manufacturers will advise you to change the filters every three months, we would advice otherwise. We recommend making this change more frequent in nature to about every 30 days. Instead of buying the very expensive models, buy the cheap ones because the cheap filters can be easily replaced. This is extremely important tip to remember if you wonder how to keep dust away from home.

3.     Pay attention to your beds

Pay-attention-to-your-bedsA huge amount of dust accumulates on a regular basis on the beds and pillows and mattresses. If you can ensure that your beds and mattresses are well maintained, you have a good chance of avoiding the dust. Make it a practice to frequently vacuum your beds and doing so at all times you change the sheets. The pillows you use everyday should be frequently washed, at least once every four to six weeks. Even your blankets being used on a regular basis should go through a good thorough wash once in a while.

4.     Use the vacuum wisely

While using air purifier can be a solution, a better one perhaps is if you are able to use the vacuum to a good effect. Be sure to learn the right way to use a vacuum before you start off. The number of people living in your house should be the determining factor to tell how the frequency of using the vacuum. We however recommend its usage in each and every room at least once every week. There must be some parts of your house that are exposed to a lot more dust than usual and you can pay some extra attention to such regions by using the vacuum every other day.

5.     Realize that feather dusters don’t really work

Realize that feather dusters don’t really workIt may look like a good way to get rid of dust. It’s also been in use for a fairly long period of time so some might say it is time tested. We however won’t. If you are trying to make your house dust proof, we suggest you stop using these because all that you are doing here is moving the dust around and not getting rid of it. A much better solution is the use of a damp cloth and rinsing it off frequently. This helps you get rid of the dust for good.

6.     Check the vents

This region in your house has surprisingly huge amounts of dust accumulation over months and no air purifier is good enough to get rid of them. So to get rid of this dust in the most stubborn corners, pull the vent cover off the floor and clean it thoroughly. This often is the dust bank of your house and you would be solving the problem right at the source if you pay due attention to these regions.

7.     Use the mats

This good old practice never fails its purpose. If you worried about how to keep dust away from home, do not skip out on the use of mats. You can have two mats one inside and one placed outside the house. Make sure that before entering the premises the guests wipe their feet on them. Be sure to hake these mats off on a regular basis outside the house. This will ensure very little dust inside your house even if it so happens that people are wearing their shoes inside your house because they would be shedding most of the dust on these mats.

8.     Shake the carpet regularly

The carpets never look half as dusty as they actually are and this misleads us into not paying too much attention to cleaning of carpets. However tones of dust in your house are actually sitting peacefully on these carpets and every time there is a strong impact, the dust moves all over the room. Eradicate this problem by taking your carpet out once in a while and shaking off the dust. Use the vacuum wisely on the carpets and get rid of your dust problems for good.

9.     Air purifier

Using air purifier might be a good practice if you are stuck with how to keep dust away from home. Air purifiers do work well to keep dust and other tiny particles and SPM away from your breathing space. This is great thing to have especially if you suffer from dust related diseases like asthma. We must however tell you clearly, that this only works for very small spaces. For the best results never treat this as a substitute to the dusting and cleaning of the house. This is only complementary and together they can substantially reduce the presence of dust in your house. 

Final words

While it is not possible to get rid of a 100% dust from your houses, these will cause a significant decrease in the dust menace in your houses. All you need to do is work on these DIY tips and in no time you will be in this dust free paradise. This would obviously imply a healthier you, free from dust related diseases. So follow the directions on how to keep dust away from home and enjoy a better life!

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