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A wine rack you can ‘Write-On’

write on rack

Designed by Samantha Mongan, Write-On is a cool wine rack that will let you enjoy the drink with some hangover. The modular wine rack is one-of-its-kind rack that can be stacked according to the need, both vertically and horizontally. Unlike other wine racks, this one is opaque so that your wine taste remains untouched by the light. In addition, this rack will also preserve the typical taste by tilting down the wine to keep the cork moist, so that the cork doesn’t break apart into the wine and let outside air flow in.

To keep a count and to sort the type of wine, the surface is made accessible to chalks. You can simply write on their surface using chalks to identity the brand you have. Each module of the rack is in different color and is perfect to adorn not only in your house, but also makes a statement in your party as well.

write on rack1
write on rack2
write on rack3

Via: Behance